You CAN Bounce Back! Just Make Sure You’re On The Trampoline!

“You live and you learn.” I’ve heard that all my life. When we make mistakes, and that’s what a person says to us to make us feel better about ourselves, right? Like when I was talking to my BFF, Lajuana, the other day. She was talking about something she’d done. She’s a newly we’d so there’s no telling what it might’ve been! Come on! Those of us who are, or have been married, have ALL been there! That whole submit to your husband,and love your wife as Christ loves The Church is HARD! However, I did what any true friend would do, and consoled her by saying, “Well, you live and you learn.” She said, “Not me! I just keep on living!” I busted a gut! That comment ranked right up there with “curiosity made your hand stink.” (Not sure about that saying? Read this blog!)

Isn’t that how we all are? Often times, we make the same mistakes over and over! All the while thinking, “this time I’ve got this under control!” All the while knowing we’re about as dumb as a box of rocks! Why do we do crap like that? Because we’re relying on our own strength and not God’s! WE don’t have anything under control! WE are powerless! God, however is FULL of power, and He’s just waiting on us to ask for help. He’s a gentleman, He won’t barge in on us uninvited.

There are, however, some mistakes I’ve made, that hurt so bad the first time, I’ve never tried them again! Like when I was a teenager and thought that, because I could turn a flip from standing position, on the trampoline, I could do the same thing on the ground. Yeah. Not so much. As my body lay lifeless on the ground, panic stricken because I was unable to breath, and riddled with humiliation because there were onlookers, I knew right then and there that I’d NEVER try that again! EVER! And I haven’t! Physical pain has never been something I wanted more of, not even for a laugh! And believe me, there was plenty of laughter on that day! Yeah, I didn’t exactly bounce back from that one.

What are you doing over and over knowing that you’re not getting the desired results? Have you asked God for help, or are you relying on your own strength? What are you waiting for?! Let the One who is mighty to save do what He does best! We could all avoid having the wind knocked out of us, lots of humiliation, and lots of laughter, if we’d learn to let God BE God! Bounce back from sin on the trampoline of God’s forgiveness and grace! Live and learn! Don’t just keep on living!

God’s grace has saved you because of your faith in Christ. Your salvation doesn’t come from anything you do. It is God’s gift. Ephesians 2:8

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