Marriage Mayhem. Normal SUCKS!

It’s funny how God works. When it seems like everything is falling apart, God comes in and saves the day! He can change someone’s heart, and mind in an instant! I’ve been watching a friend’s marriage deteriorate before my very eyes. Riddled with addictions, hurts, habits, and hang-ups, at a glance, in human perspective, it’s hard to imagine this marriage ever making it. The sad thing is often times, when people are faced with this kind of turmoil, they allow friends and family to tell them what to do, instead of turning to God.  Fortunately for us, God is always at work!

In the past week, I’ve seen God do an amazing work in this relationship! Things like, allowing whatever it takes to make a person realize they’re helpless in their addiction, and that they have NO other choice but to surrender to Him. Things like, forcing a person to look at themselves and simply admit to doing wrong. Things like, helping a person realize that the ONLY person’s opinion that matters is God’s, and that when they simply worry about doing the next right thing, other things will start to fall into place. He’s done really cool things like allowing someone to love another person, even when the other person doesn’t seem to be loving them, and that can only be done through the work of the Holy Spirit! Because I can assure you, a week ago, they wanted to kill each other! What’s cool is how God’s been working behind the scenes, like He always does, and just when all hope seemed lost, and the “D” word was being thrown around, (that’s “divorce” incase you didn’t know) God blindsided them with His power to restore! BAM! Right in their faces! BOOYAH!

Why do you think God does that even when the people, who are smack dab in the situation, are not even turning to Him? I’ll tell you why! It’s because there are others praying for them, plus, if you’re a child of God, He knows what you need, whether you ask for it or not! He’ll get you to the place you need to be, and He can do it the easy way, or the hard way. It’s our choice! Some of us are simply more stubborn than others, and it takes a harder blow to get us to listen; or at least that’s been MY personal experience.

Look, there’s no perfect marriage. Marriages are hard. Shoot, even friendships take work! If you see someone, and think they have a perfect marriage? That’s just the devil trying to get you to compare yourselves to others, so STOP IT! Every marriage has its issues, some are just more visible than others. However, the truth of the matter is, when you make that vow before God, you’re saying that you’ll work hard to make it work! That vow is for better or worse, for rich or poor, in sickness (hurts, habits, and hang-ups) and in health. Don’t give up on something so important so easily! Fight for what God joined together! We live in a world filled with a bunch of pansies, where giving up seems to be the norm. Pfftt! Forget being normal! Normal SUCKS!

If the world is telling you to “get out”, and God is telling you to stay? Listen to God! You tell the others to back the heck up! You tell them that God is working, and that He’s got this! Tell them to sit back and watch what God can do because they just might need the same thing from Him one day!  Do what YOU and GOD have decided is right for YOU and YOURS, and don’t you dare let the opinions of others play one, single part in what happens in your life! And if you think your marriage is immune to problems, think again! We’re all human. No one is perfect. We are ALL prone to sin! Take your marriage vow (or any vow you make before God for that matter) seriously because God doesn’t take promises lightly.

“This is what God commands: When a man makes a vow to God or binds himself by an oath to do something, he must not break his word; he must do exactly what he has said. Numbers 30:2

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