Tales From The Crib. Anal Glands, Broken Glass, And Aunt Flo

Let’s see, I’m not sure where to start when it comes to describing the weekend at the Hawkins’ house. I can assure you that there’s hardly ever a dull moment! I can also assure you that I long for dull moments!

Friday got off to a rough start. I took the baby out to potty, (and by baby, I mean Tucker’s puppy, Sadie), and I was bringing her back up the stairs I fell! I’m one of the most cautious people in the world, being that I’m fairly terrified of pain, and/or bodily harm. I have no idea how, or why, I fell. I just know that it hurt like crazy and resulted in a humongous, painful bruise! Those who know me know how I love a good bruise (or any injury for that matter) to show off!

IMG_1383.JPG Ok, yes, I framed the picture of my bruise! And yes I showed it off! Don’t judge!

Next up, Tucker pitches a fit about going to therapy. I mean a fit! Refusing to go. So, I call and tell her that we won’t be there. He proceeds to tell me that he’s now going to go somewhere with a friend, which I politely tell him that, NO he most certainly was not. I explained to him that, if he couldn’t go to therapy, he wasn’t going anywhere! Mind you, this is NOT how you want to have to treat your 23 year old, grown son, nor is it how he appreciates being, or wants to be treated! Nonetheless, he decides to go to therapy. I make yet, another phone call to tell her “never mind, we are coming.” I’m sure this makes his therapist really look forward to seeing the Hawkins family walk through her door! I’ll say this though, even though we got off to a rough start, therapy ended up on a pretty good note.

Next, was finally something good! My mom came down for a visit! And she come bearing gifts of homemade goodness! We had a rather uncomfortable lunch out with most of the family. Don’t ask. After that, I thought to myself that, surely, the night had to end on a good note! Alas, I was wrong!

Later that evening, we were sitting in the living room chatting when all of the sudden, Flossie and Maudie, my two dogs, started fighting! Now, they’ve “argued” before, but this was a FIGHT! Maudie had Flossie by the back of the neck slinging her like a dishrag. The screaming coming from Flossie is a sound I’ll never forget. Tucker went nuts! He started kicking Maudie, in attempts to get her to let Flossie go. He was yelling, and cussing as if someone were trying to kill me! I was yelling at Tucker and Maudie. I didn’t want Tucker to be bitten, or for him to hurt Maudie!

When kicking Maudie in the ribs, cussing at her, or hitting her in the head wouldn’t make her let go of Flossie, Tucker broke an 11 x 14 picture over her head! There was glass everywhere! Tucker then went and got a knife! I thought I was going to end up with both my dogs dying that night, right there in my living room! I was begging Tucker not to stab Maudie. Mom sat on the couch holding her dog Lucy, terrified! I ran around to the other side of the dogs and started hitting Maudie in the head with a plastic hanger. Finally she let go. The look of terror in Flossie’s eyes is a look that will never leave me, and neither will the sound of her screams.

I’ll never be able to look at Maudie, who’s my sweet dog, the same! Seeing her standing there, with Flossie’s fur hanging out of her mouth, breathing heavily is a sight one doesn’t forget. Tucker’s screaming “that dog needs to be killed!” I’m trying to check on Flossie, who’s bleeding, and wishing like crazy that Steve would hurry and get home! Tucker’s on the phone with Steve asking for a gun to shoot Maudie with. I’m trying to calm him down. There’s glass everywhere. Mom and I are both barefooted so Tucker gets us our shoes, and we start cleaning up glass and dog pee; not to mention, Flossie expressed her anal glands. Not a smell anyone should ever have to smell! I guess I could’ve left that part out, but why spare details right? No time for crying. Oh, and did I mention that “Aunt Flo” had come for a visit?! For those of you who may be a little slow catching on, or just don’t know, it was that time ‘o the month! Could things get any worse?!

Things finally settled down, and Tucker left and went to Celebrate Recovery with a friend. Afterwards, he went to stay at his friend’s house, which I tried to get him not to do because he doesn’t do well sleeping away from home. However, I can certainly understand why he wanted to get away from here! Heck! I wanted to get away!

Naturally, I had been right about the whole ‘spending the night away’ thing. I woke up around 2:30 am thinking about Tuck, and lo and behold! He starts texting me around 3, and it continues until around 7:30! He’d gotten fixated on something and could not stop thinking about it. Needless to say, I got very little sleep because I’d also been awakened several times by the imaginary sounds of my dogs fighting. Picturing Flossie’s terrified look, and hearing her screams over and over. Horrible!

Just when I thought Saturday would be a wonderful day, Sadie suddenly gets sick! And I mean SICK! She started throwing up, and not just a little mind you, but HUGE piles! She got really lethargic, which is totally not like her! She was drooling profusely, and had diarrhea. By this point she was wobbly on her feet. I called my friend Lindy, who’s a veterinarian, and she said to take her to the vet immediately. She said it sounded like parvo. I panicked! This is all Tucker needed! If his puppy were to die, it’d kill him.

I rushed Sadie to the emergency vet clinic, they too were saying it could possibly be parvo. I choked back tears thinking to myself, “Can my son not catch a break!” I prayed and asked God to please not let Sadie die! 360 dollars later, Sadie is on the road to recovery! It was a bacterial infection! Thank You Lord!

Sadie’s on the mend! Flossie’s on the mend! Tucker’s on the mend! Even though he’s insisting we get rid of Maudie. Maudie acts like nothing ever happened. The glass is out of the floor, mostly thanks to mom! And the weekend ended on a pretty good note.

Even in the midst of chaos, God is good! Just when I think I can’t take any more, He renews my strength. When I’m wondering what in the world I’ll do, He gives me wisdom. When I’m too tired to make it on my own, He sends help my way. God never let’s me down! He never leaves me, and there’s no way I could possibly make it without Him! You can trust that He will always make a way, and that He always knows what He’s doing! But I have to wonder what He was thinking when He gave dogs anal glands?!? I mean, that’s just nasty!

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