I Ain’t Got No Business

This morning I’m distracted and sleepy! I’d say that was typical for a Monday morning. One the bright side, this is Thanksgiving week!! Hawk’s Hometown Flooring will be closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!! WHOOT!! It’s sad that I get that excited about being closed.

The truth is, I’m a rather sucky business partner. I hate numbers. I suck at office work, and staying organized. I don’t ever want to start offering financing because I can’t see people getting deep in debt. I’d rather lose a sale, than to sell someone a houseful of flooring, if I thought they were going to have to pay a boatload of interest. Needless to say, I’m most likely never going to get rich as a business woman.

The thing is, I’m really not interested in being rich. Well, I would like to have plenty of money, but not just so I can accumulate things. If I had the money, I’d buy a bunch of land, and either build housing, or put trailers or something, to help people who are just getting out of prison or rehab.

People who find themselves in those situations, have often burned many bridges. Thus, they are kicked back into society with nothing. No money, no support, no job skills. Nothing. Not to mention, those who may have spent most of their young adult life in the prison system, usually don’t have very good social skills. I think, sometimes, they might just need someone to give them a chance. And I don’t mean enabling, or giving handouts. I mean teaching them, loving on them, and showing extra grace when they may do something stupid.

Doing something like this would require lots of prayer, and extra helpings of discernment! After all, they didn’t get where they are by being the most honest people in the world. Being a criminal involves lying, manipulating and a fair amount of underhandedness. Those are traits that, often times, aren’t easy to overcome. You have to learn to be honest! You have to learn how to work for things instead of conniving! Yes, God can change a person in an instant, and sometimes He does! Other times, He requires the person to work really hard to change through a process of tests and trials.

In my opinion, people who go through many tests and trials, are those who can do BIG things for God’s Kingdom! So, if those are the shoes you find yourself in, don’t be discouraged! When the going gets tough, don’t revert back to the easy way! Push forward, and try to remember that, when you go through hard times, if you don’t give up, God will allow you to use those to help others! Not to mention, your old ways landed you in trouble! OR, you could try and stay locked up until (maybe one day) we have somewhere good to put you! 🙂 This doesn’t only apply to people who’ve been to, or are in, jail or prison, or people with addictions; it applies to ALL SINNERS SAVED BY GRACE! God never said it would be easy. He only assures that it’ll all be worth it!

PS: Brothers and sisters in Christ, shame on you if your hearts don’t break, when you see another human being headed for destruction! We should not want anyone to perish if we have Jesus living inside us! I’m just sayin’!

We must not become tired of doing good. We will receive our harvest of eternal life at the right time if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

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