Kept. Yep. That Just About Sums It ALL Up!

As I reflect on the past year I find it amazing how God’s kept me. Actually, I guess I should say “us“. God’s kept us. He’s allowed us to make it through some really tough times. He didn’t keep us from having tough times, mind you! But He’s kept us through them. God has allowed […]

Is This REALLY What It ‘Boils’ Down To?!

I’ve come to the conclusion that aging sucks! Many of you, who join me in the ranks of the over 40 category, may have already reached that conclusion. I, on the other hand, have apparently, among a host of other ailments, become mentally slow. Things just don’t register with me the way they used to. […]

Porn, Strip Clubs And Your Daughters

I hope everyone had a nice, peaceful Christmas! I say “peaceful”, because some of the families that I know could easily be the subject of the next Jerry Springer Show. Anyway, let’s hope the new year brings joy, hope and peace to everyone! Now on to what’s weighing on my heart. Until a person reaches […]

Just As $h*+ Happens. So It Is With Life…

I believe that a person is born on the very day, at the very moment, in the very place that God intended. I believe that He gives each of us specific personality traits for a reason. I also believe that those specific traits can be used for good or bad. For example, I love to […]