Just As $h*+ Happens. So It Is With Life…

I believe that a person is born on the very day, at the very moment, in the very place that God intended. I believe that He gives each of us specific personality traits for a reason. I also believe that those specific traits can be used for good or bad. For example, I love to talk. Talking is the very thing that got me into trouble as a kid! I can assure you that I was NEVER the teacher’s pet! Now, I try to use my voice to encourage not disrupt :-). And admittedly, it’s a struggle! But what happens when life alters a person’s personality?

We live in a fallen world. Without question, we know that bad things happen. No one is exempt, not even children. Children are abused, abandoned, and ignored. Is it possible that God intended for a person to be a certain way, but life happens and alters their God-intended personality? Is it then possible for that person to become the person God initially intended? I believe it is!

There’s no doubt that childhood events shape us into the adults we become, good or bad. I heard someone say, of themselves, “I was terrible when I was a kid!” Here’s the deal. Unfortunately, we’re ALL born into sin. Some people are born into normal, healthy families, sheltered from harm. While others are born into the homes of people who abuse, or disregard them leaving them feeling shameful and unwanted. In either case, whether a person sees, and clearly recognizes, evil from early on, or is sheltered, never realizing that true evil exists, we ALL sin before we even realize we’re sinning! We’re ALL “terrible” kids.

No matter what your childhood looked like. No matter how badly the personality God intended for you to have may have been altered. It is NEVER impossible, or never too late to become the person God intended for you to be! NEVER. EVER.

God created us all to be good! All we have to do is realize that through Him, we ARE good! Without Him? You’ll live your entire life being that “terrible” kid! No one wants to be known as that kid right? If you are that kid and want to become THE Teacher’s pet? Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Allow Him to reshape you into the person He created you to be! Allow Him to take those traits that get you into trouble, and use them for His glory! No more guilt and shame! No more thinking you’ll never be good enough. Jesus makes you good enough! He washes away your sins and makes you pure and white as snow! He has a plan for everyone!

This message is from the Lord. “I have good plans for you. I don’t plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future. Jeremiah 29:11

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