Kept. Yep. That Just About Sums It ALL Up!

As I reflect on the past year I find it amazing how God’s kept me. Actually, I guess I should say “us“. God’s kept us. He’s allowed us to make it through some really tough times. He didn’t keep us from having tough times, mind you! But He’s kept us through them.

God has allowed us to keep our sanity. Yes, I do realize some might feel that sanity in the Hawkins’ household is debatable. He’s allowed us to keep our dignity by placing us in a family of people who understand our struggles. He’s placed us in a body of believers, with which we commune; by praying for and with each other, and worshiping together. It’s a body of believers where many who attend have been at the lowest rock bottom, and yet God seen fit to use them for His glory, thus allowing them to show grace to others., which has allowed us to live unashamed!

God has kept us able. Able to, even in the midst of heartache and turmoil, do things I never thought possible! Things like having our own business. Granted, I’m a horrible, HORRIBLE business partner! Poor Steve carries the whole thing! And God’s kept him from killing me! I’ve recorded seven original songs. I’ve been slow, due to our circumstances, doing what God wants me to do with them, but it’ll happen! I’ve had the privilege of speaking God’s word to people, to groups and individuals. God’s graciously given me a heart for lost souls; even when there’s times my own feels in jeopardy.

He’s kept us from totally going off the deep end, and having everything crumble around us. Granted, I’ve forgotten SO many things like to pay bills, or to call customers back, (I’ve been a tad, to say the least, ‘flaky’ the past few months) that I KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it HAS to be God! Otherwise, this business would’ve failed! I’ve found it extremely hard, over the past few months, to keep myself afloat. Again, poor Steve. Maybe HE needs to be praying harder for me! 😉

God has kept our son alive! There’s been so many things, in his life, that could’ve killed him, yet he’s here with us! And I know, with every fiber of my being, that God will continue keeping him until HIS will is accomplished in Tucker’s life. The past few months, although stressful, have been FULL of miracles! All because of family, and friends who’ve kept us in their prayers!

Because the God we serve is a God who keeps, we’ve been kept!!! OUT OF THE MENTAL HOSPITAL!!! Because the God we serve is a God who keeps, we’ve been kept!!! FROM BEING DIVORCED! Because the God we serve is a God who keeps, we’ve been kept!!! FROM CRUMBLING RIGHT WHERE WE STAND! He’s kept us from becoming a statistic.

In 2014 God has kept our heads high, and our hearts full. He’s blessed us with people who’ve poured into us, and given us people to pour into! I KNOW that, no matter what 2015 brings, WE’LL BE KEPT! And if you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, SO WILL YOU! If you’re not a believer in Jesus, don’t you want to know peace in the midst of turmoil?! I mean, there’s going to be turmoil! Don’t you want to live unashamed?! All you have to do is ask! He’s waiting for you!

BRING IT ON 2015! God, and His people, are going to keep on keepin’ on! And you can keep counting on that! The LORD will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life. Psalm 121:7

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