Fake It ‘Til You Make It!

Through the years, of being self employed, I’ve become quite accustomed to, often times, having very little money. Living on a self employed person’s income means that you learn to save for a rainy day. When that rainy day comes the money’s gone much quicker than it took to save it, then you’re sweating until […]

The Joys Of Sex And Decision Making

About a week ago, I wrote about my encounter with a young lady who’d decided to give her baby up for adoption. I wasn’t really sure if I’d ever see her again, but God never puts two people together by accident! I did get to see her again, and I’m more than proud to report […]

Don’t Mess With The Blessed!

I hope everyone enjoyed the trip to Lunch-lady Land yesterday! I know I did. When it seems as if there are so many bad things going on, it’s so nice to see/hear that God is still speaking! He’s still moving! And He’s still working! We can bank on that! Our God’s not dead, He’s surely […]

Come! Let’s Take A Visit To Lunch-lady Land’

Well, I asked for guest bloggers and God has provided! Today’s blog is by a dear friend of mine. She has a heart for God and to help others. She’s SO cute, despite the fact that she often looks like a lunchroom lady, or someone from peopleofwalmart.com. She’s talented in many ways and this blog […]

Preach It Criminal! Preach It!

I heard a sermon last night, while in jail (I wasn’t locked up! I was with our Breakout Jail Ministry!), preached by the one and only Troy Walker. That name may not ring a bell with most of y’all. He doesn’t have a tv show or host a radio program. He hasn’t written any books. […]

Put Down The Duck Tape And Surrender!

What happens when our hands are tied? Not literally silly head! I’m speaking figuratively. We find ourselves in a situation and we’re at our wits’ end. We’ve done everything humanly possible to fix it, and, basically all we’ve done is put a little duck tape on it. Again, I’m speaking figuratively. I mean, you can’t […]

It’s Getting Stinky Up In Here! More Crap?!?

To say that last week was one of the worst weeks of my life would be an understatement. It’s not a story I can tell however, I truly believe it’s a story that will eventually be told! And when it’s told, God will be glorified! He doesn’t waste anything! That horrible week is precisely why, […]