The Joys Of Sex And Decision Making

About a week ago, I wrote about my encounter with a young lady who’d decided to give her baby up for adoption. I wasn’t really sure if I’d ever see her again, but God never puts two people together by accident! I did get to see her again, and I’m more than proud to report that she has decided to keep her baby!!

Like I said in the blog, “Sinusitis Suffering. Pity Party In Process. Approach With Caution!!” (If you haven’t read it, do it!) I truly admired her for her decision of adoption. However, I’m so much more proud of her for realizing that, despite her less than ideal situation, she CAN do this! She’s chosen to sacrifice so much more by raising her precious daughter. A sacrifice that will be well worth it, and one that will have no regrets! Wait a minute! How quickly one forgets the agony of teenage (and young adult) years! There are times, when raising a teenager, parents find themselves regretting ever having sex in the first place! But like the pains of child birth you quickly forget those feelings at the slightest hint of anything good! Not to mention no one really regrets ever having sex! IJS. I do regret not waiting until I was married, but ever?! Not hardly.

I don’t want anyone reading this blog, who may have given a child up for adoption, to think for one minute that I’m saying that you made the wrong decision. Your decisions are between you and God! Besides, adoption is a pretty selfless decision considering you could’ve went a totally different route. I just pray that people realize that sex is a sacred and special thing! It’s how life is created! If you engage in sexual intercourse you run the risk of making a human being! Unless of course, you’re old to make a baby! In which case, if you’re married, and you’re not too tired, don’t have E. D. problems, your arthritis isn’t acting up, sex isn’t painful, your hips are still in good condition, and your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity..,.ENJOY!! If you’re not married, DO NOT enjoy!! 🙂

I ask for prayers for, not just the young adults who made this baby, but all young, single people out there trying to survive. This world is tough with lots of fun things to offer. The devil’s working overtime to get ’em while they’re young! We need to fight back with prayer! And pray for this sweet baby that she grow up safe, healthy and loved by many! Pray, most of all, that everyone in this situation knows, and comes to understand, the love of our Father, Jesus Christ.

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