Tales From The Hip

For those of you who may not know, my Momma had hip replacement surgery while I was in Mexico. My sister has been taking care of her all by herself since the surgery. For y’all who’ve taken care of sick parents, y’all know what a job that can be! Thus the reason I am here […]

La Culpa Es De Nosotros! Shame On Us!

Well, I’m finally back from Mexico! Sorry I didn’t write while I was there, but there was hardly time! The medical trips are usually busier than the building trips. Especially when you’re not very handy with tools! 🙂 It amazes me at the good God has done, and continues to do through Mega Missions. God […]

I’m Not Crazy! I Just Love Jesus!

Life sure can get crazy sometimes! There’s so much drama around here with theses young people! I often wonder what in the world I’ve done, that could’ve possibly been bad enough to require such penance. And I can assure you, those very thoughts quite often apply to my one and only, flesh and blood child! […]