Want Joy In The Bedroom? Try This!!

It’s been four years since I had to start wearing reading glasses. I remember the day well. For weeks I thought I was getting make up remover in my eyes. I’d rub and blink, just trying to be able to see better so that I could read. One morning, as I sat in bed reading, (or trying to) I just happened to glance over at Steve’s night stand and notice a pair of glasses I’d worn for a skit I was in at church. It was like God Himself had placed those glasses right before me! I placed them on my face and looked down at my bible. I swear I think I heard angels singing! Talk about finding joy in the bedroom! Joy was oozing from this room! I wanted to shout from the rooftops, “God is so good! I once was blind and now I see!” And all that lasted for a good two seconds before it hit me like a ton of bricks……I was wearing reading glasses! What the heck?!

Suddenly, I could feel those glasses sitting on my nose. It seemed as if they weighed a thousand pounds and not an ounce less! And they weren’t on the bridge of my nose, mind you, like normal glasses! No! They were perched nearly on the tip, like a danged ol’ granny, and the joy of finally being able to see, was quickly replaced with the nauseating realization that I, Christa Hawkins, was over 40!! Reading glasses!? It seemed like just yesterday I could see! How had my eyesight seemingly diminished overnight!? My, my, my how quickly joy can turn into sorrow. 

That’s a day I’ll never forget. Not because I’m not over the fact that I can’t see to read without the aid of spectacles, but because Steve Hawkins relentlessly teased me about it! And he loves nothing more than to revel in the fact that he married an older woman. Indeed, I am four months his elder.:-/ 

Well, recently I started noticing Streve stretching his arm out to read. However, being the sweet person that I am, I didn’t say a word. I knew that he’d eventually have to acknowledge his malady. And sure as I’m sitting here, a couple nights ago, he, begrudgingly, admitted that it was getting hard for him to read! I swear, I think I heard angels singing! 🙂 Finally, after only a short while, (or four years) the teasing has come back to bite him right square in the rear end! 

He went through all the same emotiins I did. “It’s like this just happened overnight!” He said, with a very puzzled look on his face. I held him close, rubbed his head gently, and said in a sweet, soft voice, “That’s what you get for making fun of me!” Naturally, he profusely bragged about how he could still read the smallest of print from afar. WHO CARES!!! He needs reading glasses!!! 🙂

The funny thing is, this thing, that seems to have happen overnight, is really a slow, unnoticeable fade. Unnoticeable, that is, until it’s so bad your eyes start crossing! And that’s exactly how it is with sin. We let our guards down with little things. “It won’t hurt me to watch this movie.” “Surely it’s not that bad if I lie to my boss?!” “It’s just a harmless text.” “One drink won’t hurt.” “What’s the big deal? We all miss church sometimes!” “It’s just pot.” “It’s ok that we’re having sex, we!re planning on getting married.” And the next thing you know you’re an alcoholic, porn addicted liar who’s having an affair, and you never go to church because you’re too strung out to even think about God, not to mention you’re divorced and homeless! 

We really need to keep our guards up! Especially in the times we’re living in when there’s so much going on that goes against God and what His Word says. The little things do matter! Don’t get caught up in the slow fade! Be diligent and make wise, godly choices. The sacrifice will be worth it! The struggle is real! 

Catch the foxes for us, those little foxes that menace the vineyards, For our vineyards are so vulnerable when they are in full bloom. Song of Solomon 2:15

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