I’m NOT A Slacky-Slackerton!

I’m not REALLY slacking on ya’ll this week! I swear I’m not! I’ve just been really busy working on something for this weekend! I’ll be out of town starting tonight until Sunday evening, so YALL won’t get another blog until Monday! Y’all just please bear with me! Things have been a little crazy around here lately! 

Please pray for me, and the people I’ll be with this weekend. Pray that God moves and that He breaks chains, and restores lives through this ministry called Tres Dias! 

I hope YALL have a great weekend! I love y’all and appreciate y’all’s prayers!

2 thoughts on “I’m NOT A Slacky-Slackerton!”

  1. We love you Christa Hawkins!! We’ll be praying for you and hope you have another wonderful experience at Tres Dias!! 🙂


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