The Mystery At Worldsong!!

Anytime there are 12 ladies sleeping in one room, there’s bound to be trouble right? Well, let me tell you, that’s not always true! At Tres Dias, the Holy Spirit is so on top of things, that He makes it possible to have that many women, crammed in one room, and there be zero drama! However, simply because God designed our bodies to do certain things, it’s impossible to have 12 women in one room and someone not poot!

Y’all, picture this. It’s around 12:30-1am, there are only two of us left awake. I’m in my top bunk, minding my own business coloring. Yes, I said coloring! Don’t judge! Mary, is reading over her talk and studying. The room is very peaceful. The lights are off, except for the warm glow of the lantern I’m using, and Mary’s iPad. The only sound I hear is the humming of my box fan. Ah! Sweet sleep is just around the corner! And that’s when it happened!

I heard, quite possibly, the loudest, longest, hardest (for lack of a better word) poot I do believe I have ever heard! My first reaction was fear, because I’m telling y’all, not a creature had been stirring! Not to mention, I can’t imagine that sound coming from any of my sweet roommates! My mind started to race! Had a man snuck into our room?!? Was there someone or someTHING lurking outside our door?!  I began to pray and God gently reminded me that He was in control of that campground, and that we were all safe. 

I guess Mary was so engrossed in her studies that God had protected her from hearing the monster poot. Either that or she’s just way more mature than I am, because once I realized that this had come from someone in our room?? I got so tickled! I tried holding back my laughter. For one thing, I didn’t hear Mary laughing, and I didn’t want to seem childish! Plus, I didn’t want to wake anyone, but nonetheless, I laughed out loud! Still, nothing from Mary. What was wrong with her?!? Poots are funny! Then it hit me! Maybe she had been the one who’s body had expelled all that pent up air! Maybe she thought, “This is my chance! Everyone is asleep! Now I can get some relief!” Did she not realize that I was still awake?! But then I figured that it would be dang near impossible for something like that not to stink, so I figured it couldn’t have possibly been anyone remotely near me. 

The next morning, when everyone started rambling around, I began to nonchalantly ask everyone if they’d slept well. Then I’d ask them if they felt well, and if their tummies were ok. When they started looking at me weird, I finally just came right out with it! “Ok. Come on y’all! We can’t just pretend nothing happened! Someone needs to confess to letting that monstrous poot!” Not one person would admit to it. Knowing there was at least two people who had to marinate in that for a while

I could’ve probably figured out who had done it, had I sniffed everyone’s hair, because I guarantee you, that smell had stuck! But alas, there were more important things to do! The good thing is, we all had a good laugh at someone’s expense! But I still can’t believe someone didn’t speak up and claim that one! It was huge! 

How many times have we been in a situation where we knew we should be bold, and speak up for our beliefs, but we stayed quiet because we were afraid of being rediculed? I know I’ve been guilty! Y’all, now is the time for us to be bold and speak out for Christ, and for what the Bible says! We can’t be afraid of being laughed at, or being made fun of, or being shunned, or even being killed! Jesus gave His life for us! We should be willing to do whatever it takes to spread the plan of salvation in this dark world. We should love people enough, no matter what or who they are, to share Jesus with them. And I’m not saying to be a wimp! We [Christians] have been wimpy way too long! Sometimes, standing up for Christ could mean having to fight. I don’t mind lovingly ripping someone a new one, or if necessary, throwing a punch or 10, then praying for a joker! How bout you? Well, it would have to be really necessary, and I mean REALLY, REALLY necessary for me to physically fight, but I hope I’d do it for Jesus! 

This is what God’s Word says in Matthew 10:32-33. “Stand up for me against world opinion and I’ll stand up for you before my Father in heaven. If you turn tail and run, do you think I’ll cover for you?” I don’t know about you, but I want God to cover for me! When we don’t speak up for Christ, we’re no better than Judas, the one who betrayed Jesus. The one we all love to hate!

Let’s all be ⬇️

What’ve we got to lose?! And for the love of all that is good and holy, will someone please claim that poot?!

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