Shopping Cart Shenanigans. MawMaw’s Motorized Mishaps

As we get older, inevitably, our parents are getting older too. I would say there’s a certain amount of dread that comes with seeing the ones who (with God’s help) created us struggle with all the things that come with aging. For one thing, it gives us a glimpse of what we have to look forward to ourselves! For another thing, we know that, at some point we’ll be responsible for taking care of them! And as much as that thought sparks a tiny bit of dread deep in the tiniest part of my soul, there’s also a part of me who looks forward to being able to pay them suckas back! OMG! Dang you auto correct! *Nervous chuckle*  What I meant was GIVE BACK! Not PAY BACK! These smart phones kill me! Whew! Glad I caught that one! 🙂

A lot of you know that my Mom had hip replacement surgery recently, so my sister and I have gotten a tiny taste of what it will be like to take care of an aging parent. Mom’s not old mind you, but needless to say, after a surgery like that, she’s not been able to do a lot of things for herself. I’m the oldest daughter so technically it’s my place to step up to the plate, but my little sis lives so much closer that she’s done way more than I have! So I told Melissa that I would come up this weekend and do Mom’s shopping for her. Melissa said she’d go with me, so I thought that’d be some great, quality sister time, plus I’d be doing something nice for Mom! Yeah. That’s not what happened. Nope. Not at all! Mom decided she wanted to go, and Melissa decided she didn’t want to go. Keep in mind that Mom can’t walk long distances. And we’re going to Walmart. Sooo, Tori and I get to witness Mom/MawMaw trying to drive one of those motorized buggy things!!! Sorry Melissa, but you missed out!  

We were walking behind her with a buggy, because the enormous basket on her buggy just wasn’t enough. We were having to struggle to keep up with her, only to have to dig our heels deeply into the concrete floor to try and stop our buggy from rearending her, because she’s abruptly stopped to look at a clearance rack :-/. Either that, or she would creep, and we’d have to walk at a pace that, had we gotten any slower we’d have been walking backward! And she was concentrating so hard on driving, she had the most serious look on her face, I know people had to think she was rude! I swear she nearly took out at least 5 people! Y’all, people were snatching up their children!! She had no idea of the havoc she was wreaking!  I’d try my best to whisper an apology to those who weren’t comforting a loved one who’d just experienced a near brush with death.   


See how serious she looks?! If y’all don’t mind, I’d like to take a few seconds to make a brief service announcement. 

To anyone who was in Fort Payne Walmart, at approximately 4pm on Sunday, March 22, 2015. I SINCERELY apologize for any physical and/or mental harm that may have been caused by our mother. Please, do not contact me with any legal matters. Thank you. 

This whole thing is no laughing matter! One day we’ll all be faced with having our children (or some not-so friendly,paid home health care worker) follow us around, as we attempt to drive the motorized cart at Walmart! Would we want to be videoed, or to have our picture taken, and to be laughed at?! Heck yes! Well, unless I’m driving the cart because I’m just way too fat to walk. In which case I would not want to be on camera in any form. If that’s the case, how ’bout just not taking me to Walmart! IJS Oh, and just one more thing. Should I come up missing after this blog?! SEARCH MOM’S PLACE FIRST! 

Seriously, we will all get old one day. And most likely before we get old, we will find ourselves in a place where we need the help of others. Let’s treat those who need our help the way we’d want to be treated! For one thing, if we’re mean to the person we’re helping, they might get well, then we might get sick, and they might have to take care of us!!! Yikes!

 “Honor your father and your mother so that you will live a long time in the land that the Lord your God is going to give you. Exodus 20:12


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