Ok! Ok! You Don’t Have To Keep Repeating Yourself! 

It seems like the word perspective comes up in just about everything I see and hear lately. God had given me the word to use in my blog a while back, and ever since then BAM! I’m hearing/seeing the word perspective everywhere! Let’s look at the definition.  per·spec·tive pərˈspektiv/ Noun: a particular attitude toward or way […]

You Can Do It! You Can Do It All Day Long! 

Ok, so I’m kind of busy this morning so, once again, I’ll be short and sweet. Here’s what I want y’all to do. Today, I want each of you to find someone to encourage! I don’t care who, just find someone!  Here are a few guidelines. For all of you, who love animals more than […]

The Gate

The Gate Called Beautiful At the gate called Beautiful, there the beggar sat. Few might’ve tossed him a penny, or piously patted his back. Others might’ve said “God bless you” or mumbled “Bless his heart.” But no one looked him in the eyes. No one cared to see his heart. At the gate called Beautiful, […]

To The Point

Today will be short and sweet. I have so much to do, and for some strange reason, I’m itching to get up and get busy! I do love y’all though! And I pray that everyone of you have a great day!  Watch out for people who try to drag you down! Don’t avoid them, but […]