The Struggle Is Real Y’all!!

That moment when you feel about as vulnerable as you can feel. I mean, you may as well be standing naked in public, having someone snap your picture, then plastering said picture all over the Internet. The struggle is real y’all. The struggle. Is. Real. 

I’m fairly certain, however, that should I find myself naked and in public view, it would probably go more like this 

 That struggle is really real y’all! 

Vul•ner•a•ble : adjective : susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.
“we were in a vulnerable position”
Synonyms: helpless, defenseless,
powerless, impotent, weak, susceptible
“He was scared and vulnerable.” 
*(of a person) in need of special care, support, or protection because of age, disability, or risk of abuse or neglect. “employees must be better trained in how to deal with vulnerable young people”

Yep, any number of those words could be used to describe how I’ve felt the past few days. To say that I’ve felt helpless, weak, defenseless, susceptible, and powerless is a gross understatement. And, had you seen me in the last few days, I may have seemed as if I was all those things; but guess what….I’m NONE of those things!  You want to know why I’m none of those things? Of course you do! It’s because Christ lives in me, that’s why!

On the outside I may appear to be weak, but I’m a battle fighting machine on the inside! Make no mistake about that! I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, *Philipians 4:13. I live by faith and not sight, *2 Corinthians 5:7. My heart and my flesh may be weak, but God is not, *Psalm 73:26. Yep. A battle fighting machine indeed! The devil is a liar and he can’t win! The battle’s already been won! The Battle by Christa Hawkins (please click this link for an upbeat, uplifting, get your feet movin, devil’s butt-kickin’ song just for y’all’s listening pleasure)

Even if we’re a believer we’re still going to have times when we feel as if we can’t go on, but we can! As long as we’re here on this earth we’re going to have to fight! But I promise you, we’ll always have some fight left in us as long as we’re breathing! When we feel as if we have nothing left, Jesus renews our strength! *Isaiah 40:31. His mercies are new every morning!
So let’s get up, dust ourselves off, get our birthday suits taken in, and give that devil a good, swift kick where the sun don’t shine! Let’s te hi to get the hell out of our way cause we’ve got some movin’ forward to do!!

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