The Power Of A Perfect Pair. AKA-Blinded By Boobies

Most likely, if you’re a woman, you’re a control freak to some degree. If you say you’re not a control freak at all? You’re not only a control freak, you’re also a liar! Y’all, I know it’s really painful to admit this fact, but in our defense; we really can’t help it! We’re victims of “the curse”. 

The curse. Poor Adam. You know good and well he was blinded by naked boobies! I know there was no shame in their nakedness, but there ain’t no shame in a man being mesmerized by his wife’s boobies! Eve knew, when she saw the look in Adam’s eyes, that she could talk him into pretty much anything. She thought she was smart! That sneaky serpent, or Mr. No Shoulders as a friend of mine calls him,  told her that all she had to do, to be as smart as God Himself, was to eat this fruit. MNS (mr no shoulders) convinced her that God wanted to keep them dumb, so to speak, which most likely sparked the notion, in poor Eve’s mind, that all God was trying to do was control them! But Eve was smart enough to know that, just in case there was some validity to God’s Command to not eat the fruit, she sure didn’t want to partake alone! 

I can just picture Eve when Adam walked up. I bet she stood a little taller, poked her chest out a little more, twisted her hair ever so innocently, and stood really close as she pitched her idea to her poor, unsuspecting man. Adam, mesmerized by his wife’s beautiful, naked, body didn’t stand a chance! God love him, he tried, but Eve threw out all the punches! 

I know that God, being the creator of all things, doesn’t make mistakes; but sometimes I wonder if He shouldn’t have made Adam’s (forgive me of my crudeness) balls just a tad bigger!!! Adam should’ve taken control! He should’ve told Eve to get herself back in the kitchen! He should’ve stomped ol’ MNS right into the ground and told him that they listen to no one except God! In my humble opinion, had Adam been the man, we could’ve lived in a world without sin! It’s all Adam’s fault! Because he couldn’t stand against the forces of Eve’s mesmerizing boobies, we are all born in sin, and we all suffer from the curse!

The moral of this story is, if you’re a married woman, and you’re manipulating your husband with your naked boobies, you might want to try letting your husband do what God’s designed him to do!!! Eve’s naked body got them kicked out of a perfect world, and thrown into a world filled with sin, guilt and shame. And the worst part of all?? Because of the original sin, we now have to wash, fold, hang up, and iron clothes! Oh my gosh! We could’ve lived our lives naked!! Ladies, it’s a struggle to let our husbands lead, but give them a chance! You may be pleasantly surprised! 

To the woman He said, I will greatly multiply your grief and your suffering in pregnancy and the pangs of childbearing; with spasms of distress you will bring forth children. Yet your desire and craving will be for your husband, and he will rule over you. Genesis 3:16

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