Warning!!! Read Carefully! You Or A Loved One Could Be A Victim!

The reason I’m about to tell y’all    what I’m about to tell y’all, is because this is a warning! A dear friend of mine has been diagnosed with a rare condition. There are more people walking around with this condition, than we may ever know but many, unfortunately, go undiagnosed. You may be wondering why this condition is so difficult to diagnose. Well, I’ll tell you! It’s because it happens ever so gradually that by the time it’s caught, it’s simply too late. 

This condition is called Cynicolitis. The list of symptoms are bizarre to say the least. Thus the reason it’s so incredibly difficult to diagnose. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, the distaste for public display of affection, a dislike of anything the rest of society deems ‘cute’, and a deep hatred of cliches. 

I’m about to share with you a list of things my friend hates. You’ll see that, once a person comes down with Cynicolitis, it’s near impossible to not say, or do something this person doesn’t hate!  Those with Cynicolitis are very good at hiding their symptoms, but those closest to them hear the screams in the night, or the private screaming sessions that happen from inside a locked bathroom or a closet. The struggle is real. 

Pay close attention to this list! If you, or a loved one, can identify with three or more things on this list, seek medical attention immediately! You could have Cynicolitis! Time is of the essence! This list is in no particular order. Every thing on this list is hated to the same degree. 

1) Any mushy sentiment in a public setting, including social media.

2) The phrase, “Such and such many years ago today God blessed me with…” Particularly used when wishing one’s child happy birthday. 

3) The phrase, “Only ___ more sleeps til…” Normally used to show excitement towards an upcoming event. 

4) The phrase “Love you to the moon and back!” This one is self explanatory. 

5) The term of endearment “son or daughter in love”. A term one might use to express how much they love the person their child married. 

6) The phrase “So and so bound!” Phrase commonly seen on a rear window of a vehicle, to express excitement when heading to a particular destination. 

7) The term of endearment, “Hot mess”. Most commonly used to describe someone whom you love, but you’d also love to slap. Technically, “hot mess” falls under the same category as “God love her” or “Bless her heart.” IE, “I love her, but let’s tell you, she’s a hot mess!” 

8) The words hubs, kiddos, adorbs, or any word shortened in order to sound “cuter”. 

9) #hashtags. 

10) Pretty much anything “cutsie”, which is another word she hates. 

There are many more symptoms of Cynicolitis, but again, if you can identify with three or more of these things listed, please seek medical attention immediately! You could have Cynicolitis! 

Let’s do what we can to spread the word about this awful disease. Share this blog! Tell your friends! If we raise awareness of this debilitating condition we could help so many people! We can also help people by not using any of the words or phrases in the list. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for pushing a sick person over the edge would you? Remember, Cynicolitis is no respecter of persons! It can strike anyone at anytime! This disease is no match for the Great Physician though! He is our healer, and Cynicolitis can be defeated!! Prayer, and God’s Word is the best perecription for Cynicolitis! Let’s ban together and fight!

He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed. 1Peter 2:24

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