The Gate

The Gate Called Beautiful

At the gate called Beautiful, there the beggar sat.
Few might’ve tossed him a penny, or piously patted his back.
Others might’ve said “God bless you” or mumbled “Bless his heart.”
But no one looked him in the eyes. No one cared to see his heart.
At the gate called Beautiful, for years  the beggar sat. 
Not knowing one day he would change the world, or that he’d run and never look back.
Few had hardly noticed him, and he’d been accepted by even less. 
But this beggar would soon become a believer, and thousands would be blessed!
At the gate called Beautiful the beggar sat no more.
He was now running, jumping, and shouting, and praising his faithful Lord!
In Heaven, who will be made to answer for the years the beggar spent at the gate?
Every single believer who’d walked by and done nothing! 
Or for them will it be much too late?

How many opportunities do we miss because we’re too busy being religious? How many souls do we let slip by because we’re just too busy, or too jaded to care?! Or, how many souls will slip right on into hell because we see that person as a lost cause, or useless? Y’all, we will have to answer for our skipped opportunities! No one is too far gone, or too stuck for Jesus to reach! All we have to do is believe, and share that belief! Let’s pray that God gives us all a greater concern for the least of these! How many beggars have we given up on, who’s testimony could possibly save thousands?! God, help us all see all beggars as potential believers! After all, aren’t we all beggars at some point in our lives?

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