Growing Cahunas, Marijuana, And Your Relationship With Jesus

Good morning y’all! I hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start! I’ll say this, the devil is working overtime!! He’s doing his best to destroy families, marriages, relationships between parents and children, friendships….shoot, anything he sees that’s good, he’s trying to destroy it! Come on y’all! Let’s get some backbone! Grow some cahunas! […]

Iphone Repair For Dumber Dummies

Last week I dropped my phone, which happens to have a cracked screen, into a pan of water. I mean, it was immersed! The duct taped, Lifeproof (but obviously not Christa proof) case, with part of the top missing, just couldn’t hold up against the raging waters. I grabbed the phone as swiftly as I […]

Jesus Called But I Couldn’t Find My Dang Phone!

Have you ever misplaced something then wore yourself slap out looking it? (“Worn slap out” – a southern phrase meaning that you’re exhausted beyond belief.) I do it on a daily basis! I’ll misplace my keys and hunt until I’m plum ticked off. I’ll start missing my phone, (which only takes about a half second […]

Cheap Doesn’t Always Mean You Should Buy!!

If I’m anything at all, I’m a bargain hunter! I love nothing more than to find an incredible deal! Some people jump out of airplanes, or bunjee jump? I hunt for bargains! Buying something that’s 75% off is about the closest thing to an adrenaline rush I’m, most likely, going to experience. It’s not like bargain […]

I LOVE When Nothing Happens And Then Something Happens!

I hope y’all had a great weekend! I must say mine was good! We had a nice, calm, incident free weekend. Did I mention calm and incident free?! Nothing spectacular happened. Nothing extraordinary happened. Nothing happened!! I love nothing happening!  With TBIs (traumatic brain injury) everyone has to adjust to a new normal. Everything seems […]

Color Me Broken

I broke the black crayon. It reminded me of the meme I’ve seen floating around FB about the broken crayon coloring just as well. In my head, I rebelled -I screamed at the meme, “This crayon doesn’t work just as well anymore!” Holding the crayon took more effort. I struggled to keep it steady, it […]