Friday! Friday! Friday!

Happy Friday y’all! Thought I’d repost because God is SO sweet to give us words!

Be Still

What if I don’t feel like writing
I can’t feel the pen in my hand
Words that once came so easily
I can’t get from my heart to my head

What if I don’t feel like singing
I try but the words just won’t come
My soul doesn’t seem to hear music
Or feel the beat of the drum 

And what if I don’t feel like dancing
My feet feel like lead on the floor
Rhythm that once used to move me
Doesn’t keep time with my soul anymore

Your words are the words of my heart Lord
And I know You’re the music in me
You make my soul feel like dancing
You’re why I live move and breathe 

So I’ll rest my soul in You Lord
And I’ll trust You even when I don’t feel
And when You seem to be giving me nothing
I’ll know to simply be still
Christa Hawkins

Be still, and know that I am God 
Psalm 46:10


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