Wrap It Up I’ll Take It! 

Everyone loves getting gifts. There are gifts that are packaged beautifully but, when once opened, they’re quite disappointing. Then there are gifts that have been haphazardly wrapped, (meaning it was left in the bag from the store. Guilty!) but when it’s taken out of the bag it so awesome, no one even remembers the crappy wrapping paper! Either way, if the gift is from someone we love, that gift is cherished because, disappointed or not, we know it was given in love. I believe God gives us a precious gift, well, He gives us many gifts, but this gift is probably one of the most precious, yet most complained about of all! Our bodies. 

We’re too fat, or too skinny. Our butt is too big or not big enough. Our boobs are too big or too little, or they’re too saggy. “OMG look at these stretch marks!” Our nose is too big or crooked. We’re too pale or too dark. Wrinkles. Grey hair. Muffin tops. Corns. Moles. You name it, and we’ll complain about it! However the fact remains that our bodies are a precious gift from God our Father! I believe we’re to treat them as such. Yes, even those bodies that happen to be showing age. Actually, those are especially precious. It means you’re alive! That God has chosen to let you live another day. “Things” might not be where they used to be…but they’re still there! But the sad thing is we, (society) because we live in a fallen, sinful world, can take the most precious of things and distort and pervert them. Our bodies are one of the best examples of such perversion. 
Women are treated like sex objects. Partly because things that I know would NOT be ok with God are, in this society, the norm. Like walking around half naked for instance. Most of us wouldn’t dream of walking around in front of strangers in our bra and panties, but somehow we think it’s ok to parade around in bathing suits that are simply nothing more. In fact, some people’s underwear IS more! And let’s face it; some of these people would look much better with their gifts beautifully wrapped! The fact remains that, whether your gift is one that looks better with wrapping, or whether yours is a gift that’s much more appealing without wrapping, they’re all cherished gifts because they were given to us by the One who loves us the most! 

Look, I’m not saying don’t go to a public beach or pool, or not to post selfies on Facebook, but those of us who are Christians should definitely be examples of modesty!!!! No matter what your body looks like!! Should you choose not to, don’t be offended should someone make an undesirable, or inappropriate  comment. And don’t pretend to be upset by the “skank” who looked you up and down. It doesn’t make it right for men to do that, but when we dress that way, we should expect it! Men, that goes for you too! If you like for your wife to dress scantily in public (it’s definitely on in the bedroom! In fact it’s a great idea!) then don’t threaten the guy who makes a rude comment as she walks by! And ladies, don’t act like we don’t know exactly what we’re doing! And I don’t want to hear/read “She’s just jealous because she doesn’t have a “bikini body!” because I’ve been every size in the book! Trust me, at this point in my life, wrapping is a must! 
I don’t pretend to know what the solution is! I mean, we love going to the beach, and I’m not going to sit down there in a turtleneck and long pants! Certainly though, if I had a daughter I wouldn’t want her dressed in a way that would cause men to gawk at her! There’s way too many pervs walking around just looking for prey! Y’all, we CAN, and MUST practice modesty! I’m fairly certain that when we don’t, it breaks God’s heart. 

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. I Corinthians 6:19-20

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