Cheap Doesn’t Always Mean You Should Buy!!

If I’m anything at all, I’m a bargain hunter! I love nothing more than to find an incredible deal! Some people jump out of airplanes, or bunjee jump? I hunt for bargains! Buying something that’s 75% off is about the closest thing to an adrenaline rush I’m, most likely, going to experience.

It’s not like bargain hunting doesn’t take skill. Stores are tricky. They’ll hide clearance items in unsuspecting places. Oh sure, there’s the specials they put out in the middle of the store with signs and stickers; or if you happen to be close to my age you may remember blue light specials, but the real bargains sometimes have to be hunted. Basically, it’s stuff that no one bought during an actual sale. It’s most likely not that desirable, a ridiculous size, or out of style. But who cares! It’s cheap! You can tell if something’s been on sale a few times by how many layers of stickers are on the item. Sometimes, just out of curiosity, (remember y’all, curiosity made your hand stink!) I’ll peel the stickers off to see just how much they’ve dropped the price. What occurred to me is that people are kinda like the layers of stickers. Hear me out. 

When we get caught up in sin; addiction, extramarital affairs, shoot, any sin, we try to fool those around us. Are y’all with me? If at first, we see they’re not buying it, we just add yet another layer of bull! The thing is, just like we can peel the stickers off merchandise in a store, revealing how much of a bargain were actually getting, so can people peel off our layers of BS, and see what kind of person they’re getting! 

When it comes to finding friends, you get what you pay for, so to speak. Now, as Christians, we’re to love everyone! But sometimes a bargain friendship is not always the best friendship. If a person’s been ‘on sale’ for a while; meaning they tend to go through friends like changing underwear, there may be a really good reason no one’s buying! And the same goes for choosing a boyfriend or girlfriend. When choosing companions, ask God for wisdom and discernment, He’ll sho’ nuff give it to you! Don’t think you have to be friends with everyone, and don’t think you have to be dating someone! Be patient. God has just the right peeps! 

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