The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow! Or Will It?!

Hey y’all! Happy day after my birthday! I have to say that yesterday was a good day. I did some shopping. I got new coloring books, and accessories, from my friends! I got to have dinner with family and friends! Yep, a good day indeed! There was, however, a sad moment. . For those of you who didn’t see my Facebook status, this is what I said. “Thanks to all y’all who wished me a happy birthday! I love you all!!! Every post helped sooth the agonizing thoughts I was having about getting old; (and to quote Preston Turney) “on this, the annual observation of my gradual demise.” Obviously I was being funny, but the thing is, death is real. 

Yesterday, I had to meet with Mrs. Pierson, an elderly customer who’s husband had very recently passed away. They would’ve been married 63 years tomorrow. Mr. Pierson’s gradual demise was so fresh, she just couldn’t bring herself to speak of him in past tense. I tried telling her that it was my birthday and that I’d rather not listen to depressing things, but she just kept on talking! I’m kidding! I didn’t really say that! Get your panties out of a wad! I listened intently as she spoke of the man she missed so much, and my heart ached as she told me of their last day together. They were rarely ever apart, being that they worked together every day. I’m not sure of Mr. Pierson’s exact age, but I know he was over 80. He was still running a lucrative business, where Mrs. Pierson kept the books. On Friday, the two of them had worked half the day, then did some shopping. That night Mr. Pierson suffered a stroke and never regained consciousness. He died on Sunday. Good thing for him, his demise was gradual. He lived a long, full, and active life, then died without suffering. 

Albeit sad, for those who are left missing a loved one, our earthly demise is only the beginning!! At least that’s true for those of us who know Jesus as Lord and Savior! The thing is though, one’s earthly demise is not always as gradual as Mr. Pierson’s. Sometimes, lives are lost in the blink of an eye. Babies, teens, people in their twenties, thirties, and forties which, by the way, is still very young! IJS. The point is, none of us know when we’ll meet our earthly demise. Hopefully, we’ll go like Mr. Pierson! Old, active, happy and without suffering, but because there’s a possibility that could not be the case; a good rule of thumb would be to not put off getting things right with God! Don’t say “I can do that tomorrow.” Tomorrow may never come. Shoot! Don’t even worry about tomorrow! Let tomorrow worry about itself! Live in the moment! 

This blog cracked me up when I went back and read the whole thing. Not because someone had died, but because my BFF Lajuana always says I tell her some sort of bad news every time we talk. We will be having the best, lightest conversation and I’ll be like, “Did you see the news? A young man was shot and killed in downtown Birmingham!” Before she can comment I’ll add on, “Plus, someone tied a puppy to a tree and ripped it’s fur clean off!”  We’ll share sentiments, then there’s silence as we reflect on the sick, cruelty of our society. Finally someone will say something like, “Welp, glad I could brighten your day!” or, “Wow, thanks for cheering me up!” or, “It sure has been nice talking with you, but I’m going to go (shoot myself) now.” or, “Hey, I’ll talk to you later. For some strange reason I suddenly don’t feel like talking.” Y’all get the picture.  Leave it to me to be Debbie Downer. Poor Lajuana doesn’t even watch the news! Anyway, just be ready to die! Death is not the end! Live today! Stop worrying about what could be, or could’ve been! Don’t worry about what might happen and concentrate on what is happening. Get to know Jesus! Don’t put things off until tomorrow! 

Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a town and spend a year there and trade and make a profit”— yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. James 4:13-14

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