Respect Is Not Found In A Bubble. I’m Just Sayin’

Good morning people! I hope everyone is having a fantabulous summer so far! It feels like mine is a busy one! This week is vacation bible school and I must say, I’m enjoying it way more than I thought. It’s been awhile since I’ve taught kids, and I’m thankful for the opportunity. There is, however, one thing I’ve noticed that I’d like to address. It’s no wonder we are becoming a society full of wimps!!!

Have we reached a point in society, where it is so taboo to hurt a child’s  feelings, that we can’t even tell a kid to be quiet?! I simply refuse to say “catch your bubbles” or clap insatiably to get children to pay attention. A firm “hey Jimmy, you need to sit still and be quiet” would work so much better. Yes, that does require singling a person out! Gasp! Listen people, being called out for doing wrong will not hurt a child, or a grown up either, for that matter! Having a child feel embarrassed, over being called out for having behaved  badly, (yes, I used the word ‘bad’) won’t kill them either! Actually it just might save them some trouble in a few years! “Worse” than that….how about blistering the bottoms of a few of theses kids?! Again, it just might save them a ton of trouble down the road. 

Before any of you, who may have a kid going to Bible school at my church, get your panties in a wad thinking that your kid may have been misbehaving, or that I’ve contemplated spanking your child, stop. The kids who’ve attended our bible school have, thus far, behaved like normal kids. Meaning at times they’ve been a tad wired up, and sometimes a little too talkative, and sometimes way too loud! They’re kids! That’s what they do! But as a grown up I will require respect. Period. And I refuse to say “catch your bubbles” to get it. Sorry. Unless, maybe, the children are under four years old. Anything above that? I do t think so. 

It’s behavior like that, worrying about hurting a child’s feelings, embarrassing them, or crushing their self esteem that’s (partly) gotten us (this world) in the shape were in, and yes, I’ve been guilty! I would say that treating a kid as if they’re that fragile would make them assume that they really are fragile! Which doesn’t make for a very healthy, confident adult. Notice I didn’t say self confident! Please don’t teach your child to be self confident!!!! Help your child discover who they are in Christ and teach them that they can do all things through  Him! Teach them that, own their own, they can’t accomplish much of anything; at least not much of anything that’s kingdom worthy, which is truly all that matters anyway! Teach them how valuable they are to Christ, and that He’s where they get their worth; not TV, their peers, or society in general! Teach them that God has a specific plan just for them. Teach them that, if God’s plan for them isn’t preaching, teaching or singing (the gifts people tend to compare themselves to) that it’s just as awesome, and certainly as important to God’s Kingdom! We are all one body! It takes all of us! There’s tons of God’s workers who aren’t seen or heard very much, in fact, their job may not even be inside the church! 

Look y’all, I’ve realized most of this stuff in hindsight. My child has certainly had to pay for my bad parenting, as will yours. And I don’t say that to make any of you feel bad. I say that to say this; look to God’s word when disciplining your children! Talk to God about how you should train up your child (each of them) so that when they get old they won’t depart from that way! *Proverbs 22:6* Don’t treat them as if they’ll break if you get on to them! Especially boys!!!!! Stop coddling your boys! We need strong, tough men in this world! And I don’t mean they have to be athletes, or whatever it is people tend to think of as tough. 

Real, tough, strong men come in all shapes and sizes and do all sorts of different things! Real, tough, strong men know how to lead their families! Real men, those who are tough and strong, know how to work hard, at whatever they do, to provide for their people. Real men don’t rule with an iron fist, or by using humiliation tactics. Real men are kind and gentle, yet firm and (mostly) unwavering. Real men put God first, his wife second, his kids third, then his career then his hobbies. That’s a real, strong, tough man right there!!

Ok, I’ll leave you with this food for thought. It’s found in Hebrews 12:11. “For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”

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