The Princess And The Pie Hole

As long as we’re breathing there will be people who, try as we might, we just can not please! There will always be that person who, no matter how nice you try to be, just doesn’t like you. You will also, most likely, encounter that person who will do their best to one-up you at all cost. (See my blog entitled “Jealousy Makes Your Breath Stink”. I feel, at this point in my life, I’m too old, and being that I’m a child of the King, way too valuable to deal with such folk. I will do my best to put my feelings aside and pray for them, but I simply refuse to endure their shenanigans or worry over whether, or not, they like me. 

Running a small business, I feel as if we’ve been blessed with great customers. People in our area are just generally nice. In the last four years we’ve only had one unsatisfied customer, and possibly three that didn’t like me.  I’d venture to say that the one unsatisfied customer doesn’t like either of us, which is perfectly fine. I will lose no sleep over an unreasonable person, and as a crowned princess, I will allow no one to insult me or mine. I (we) will bend over backwards, and do what needs to be done to make a person happy, but know this…if you come at me yelling, and or hurling insults? I’ve got news for you, the customer is not always right! 

I will say this though, as the threats of this person’s impending “advertising” spewed from her pie hole, I found myself horribly worried…..for a minute. Then I was gently reminded of the Defender we have on retainer! There’s no need at all for worry when you work as if you’re working for The Lord! There’s no worries, over someone ruining your reputation, with the Most High God as your defender! What then, should a person say in light of threats and insults? You say this- if God is for us, who can be against us?! *Romans 8:31* That’s what you say! 

If you’re a follower of Christ, God is your defender! He will protect you even when you don’t know you need protection. Also as a follower of Christ you need not be a wimp and take people’s crap! Christians have got to start standing up for what’s right and taking up for themselves and each other! Meekness does not equal wimpiness! It was never intended for us to be wimps, but it appears that’s what we’ve become! It’s time to stop! God is our defender, but there will be times when He expects us to fight! Let’s not be scared! We may get our butts kicked sometimes but we will get right back up! 

no weapon that can hurt you has ever been forged. Any accuser who takes you to court will be dismissed as a liar. This is what God’s servants can expect. I’ll see to it that everything works out for the best.” God’s Decree. Isaiah 54:17 

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