Well, That Trumps That! 

As election time approaches I pray that God’s mercy is abundant on our nation. I pray that God’s wrath falls on anyone who seeks to destroy us. For those of you who think I’m mean for praying that, all I have to say is sorry, not sorry. I, personally have no problem, whatsoever, praying for […]

When The Goin’ Gets Hot, The Hot Get To Sweatin’!

Good morning! I hope everyone is staying cool this summer. I can tell you that, here in the great state of Alabama, it’s hotter than a goat’s rear end in a pepper patch, or a lady of “ill repute” in church, or a two dollar pistol! Shoot, it’s so hot when people walk outside to […]

God VS The Government. Who’s YOUR Judge?

God loves everyone! He loves Saddam Hussein, Jeffrey Dahmer, Justin Beiber, and the writers of South Park. He loves rapists, liars, theives, drunkards, adulterers, homosexuals, junkies, and straight people. He also loves straight people who indulge in sexual sin! He even loves child molesters who, by the way, typically claim to be straight. For that […]