When The Goin’ Gets Hot, The Hot Get To Sweatin’!

Good morning! I hope everyone is staying cool this summer. I can tell you that, here in the great state of Alabama, it’s hotter than a goat’s rear end in a pepper patch, or a lady of “ill repute” in church, or a two dollar pistol! Shoot, it’s so hot when people walk outside to smoke a cigarette it lights itself! You get the picture. It’s HOT!!

As some of you know, the reason I haven’t written much this summer is because Steve and I have set out on a new adventure of buying and reselling things. Most of the things we’ve acquired we’ve bought from auctions, and most of the auctions are outside. I don’t think I’ve ever, in my entire life, sweat this much! EVER! Some of that could be my age, and some of it could be the extra “insulation” I’m wearing, or it could be that it’s so hot I saw a water hydrant chasing down a dog! Anyway, at first all this was so much fun, because it’s kind of like treasure hunting. However, after spending hours outside sorting through things the fun quickly faded. This is more work than I’ve ever done, and anyone who remotely knows me knows I’m allergic to work! And I’m really allergic to sweat! I’m expecting to go into anaphylactic shock at any time! I’m just kidding……sorta. It really is hard work, but I love getting to spend that time with Steve, we haven’t gotten to spend whole days together in awhile, and that’s worth all the hard work. Still, no matter how much I enjoy spending the day with Steve, the thought of not succeeding worries the mess out of me! That being said, if you happen to ride by the poor house and see us in it, toss us a dime would ya?

It’s funny how you can be driving along in life, all fine and dandy like, and God will switch gears on you. No warning. No questions asked. He just changes things around. Or, maybe He does warn us and we’re too busy, too stubborn, or too self absorbed to hear Him. I’m not sure, but I know God sure knows how to throw us for a loop sometimes! My immediate, gut reaction to any change is to panic. That’s my “go to” emotion. When the going gets tough, I get to panicking. Or I used to! My definition of the word panic is this – Focussing on one’s self and one’s circumstances, instead of focussing on God and His plan. 

When our focus is on God our creator, and not on ourselves, there’s not much room for blame, anger, anxiety or self pity. When our focus is on Jesus, the one who gave His life for us, knowing that if He’d give His life for us surely Hell take care of our needs, there’s very little room for panic no matter how bad our circumstances may seem! Right? Then isn’t it true that  if you believe in, and trust Jesus then you should never worry or panic ever again? It should be, but it’s not! At least not for me. 

I still, even though I know there’s no need, can, and sometimes do, allow myself to panic over even the smallest of things. The difference now is that my panic doesn’t last that long! God always, in some way, reminds me that He’s got my back! And if you’re reading this and you didn’t know before that God has your back, you do now! And now that you’re privy to such information, it’s up to you to remember it and pay attention to the reminders God sends your way! Because He will send reminders!

Even when things don’t end up the way I think they should, still I know God’s got my back. In times of prosperity or times of need God is always there! Just because things sometime get hard doesn’t mean God isn’t there, it just means that we live in a wicked, fallen world and crap happens! No matter what’s going on, or how I feel, God’s word is true and He is faithful! And if I allow myself to stay in panic mode there’s no one to blame but me!! Still though, (just in case) I reiterate; should you ever drive by the poor house and see me or mine, toss us a dime or two! 

I was young and now I’m old, but I have never seen the righteous left all alone, have never seen their children begging for bread *Psalm 37:25

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