The Mysterious Shifting Teeth

One night I was getting ready to go bed, and  decided it was time to bleach my teeth again, because it had been a few months. Gotta keep those pearly whites from looking more like mother of pearl you know! I grabbed my trays, filled them full of bleach, put the bottom tray in, and […]

Defined Or Refined?! The Choice Is Yours!

We all have a past. Some people’s pasts are very colorful, some are not. Some people’s pasts are riddled with mistakes and mishaps, while others seem to have no trouble following the rules. Some have pasts that are muddled  with the chaos of addictions, while others appear to try drugs and walk away unscathed. Some […]

Breaking News! Experts Reveal Hard Work Is Hard! But Could Result In Reaping Hugh, I Mean HUGE Benefits! 

I’ve decided that real work, I mean hot, backbreaking, sweaty work, just isn’t for me! Sweat makes me feel disgusting. Picking up things that are heavy makes me feel achy. And excessive moving around leaves me feeling rather tired. Why would anyone purposefully do that to themselves?! I’d much rather (or as my BFF Lajuana […]

Jesus. Febreeze For The Soul!

This is a blast from the past! 2013 I think! Enjoy! Oh, and whomever is the subject of this blog? Y’all had better be thankful I have a horrible memory! 🙂 Have you ever thought you were going to be alone and pooted, only for someone to walk in seconds after you had relieved yourself? […]

The Magical, Hypnotic, All-knowing Blog! 

“Hocus pocus! Bow legged locust! Poof! I now turn you into a frog! You must get a kiss from the princess to be changed back into a prince!” “With the wave of my magic wand, viola! The lady is sawn in half!” “All you have to do is slip her a bit of this potion […]

Hallelujah For Hillary! NOT!

Y’all, I saw the most disturbing thing on Rick and Bubba, a radio talk show that airs on The Heartland. If you have that channel check them out! If you don’t have that channel you can listen to them pretty much anywhere. Good, conservative, christian morning show. And it’s not boring! Anyway, they showed a […]