Give Me A Smack And I’ll Smack You Back!

Have you ever been in a fight? Come on now! Don’t lie! I’ve only been in one real fight, in which I ended up with a black eye. Y’all, there were only two punches thrown! There happened to be a big mirror in the room, so when the other girls punch landed, and I looked around and saw my reflection, I immediately freaked out and screeched (through tears) “Oh my god! Look what you’ve done to my eye!” By the way, I try my best not to say oh my god anymore. I now have way more reverence for God than I did at that age. IJS. Oh, and one more thing, just to make myself clear. Certainly I’ve been in fights with boyfriends and with my husband! Those don’t really count though. I’m just talking about knockdown drag outs. Anyway, my point to telling you that story is this. I decided right then and there that fighting just wasn’t my thing. I didn’t like pain, and still don’t quite frankly. And black eyes certainly hindered the application of my eye shadow! 

That was lot of years ago. More years than I care to admit! Back then I was a lover not a fighter. I’d avoid conflict at all cost. Now, my thoughts on fighting are a bit different. Now, fighting is a necessary part of my life! You may find yourself asking “Why, for the love of all that’s good and holy, would you choose to start fighting at forty-something instead of when you were younger and stronger?!” I can answer that question! Back then I fought based on an emotional response. Now, my fighting is done in the spiritual realm! And I can tell you, I’ve had more black eyes and have been knocked down and knocked out more times than I can count! But guess what! Now, I simply refuse to back down or to give up! I’ve had my moments of feeling defeated. Indeed I’ve felt defeated! However, my Coach never allows me to stay in that defeated state for very long! 

I’ve always loved most people, and considered myself to have lots of friends. Before I dedicated my life to the Lord, if you’d asked me did I have any enemies, my answer would’ve been no. Now, should you ask me the same question, my answer would be a very definite, emphatic hell yes! And I mean that literally! Satan, the devil, Beelzebub, the ol’ hoofed wonder….whatever you want to call him, is the enemy of anyone who loves Jesus! If you don’t love Jesus, he’s technically still your enemy! He just won’t waste his time on you because he already has you! When you see a christian going through hard times, don’t assume they’re doing something wrong and are being punished! Most likely they’re doing something right and satan is trying to stop them! Make no mistake about this. There will be attacks when you try and do good in Jesus’ name! And if he can’t get directly to you, he’ll start picking on any person you love who’s vulnerable! He’ll do anything to distract us!

Let me tell you, the enemy has tried to destroy me through our son for years! And there was many times I would think (for just a short time) that he’d finally won! My Coach was always right there cheering me on, telling me to get back up and fight! And if I wouldn’t listen to Him, He’d always send someone in the flesh to encourage me. A year ago yesterday I was ready to wave my white flag and admit defeat. A year ago yesterday, we were within s few minutes of losing our son. My only son…..BUT GOD! It didn’t take long before my Coach reminded, and convinced, me that God’s promises were true when He revealed them to me, and that they were still true even though things looked really bad! 

We prayed. Others prayed. A fight ensued. Lots of punches were thrown, but we won! We always win! Here we are a year later and Tucker has made miraculous strides! Physically, mentally,spiritually, and just in life in general! He’s not the same person he was before. His life was forever altered. But what the enemy meant for harm God used for good!!! To God be the glory! We always win!

Look, I’m not saying we never lose a loved one in an untimely manner, or that bad things never happen to good people. We live in a fallen world and the enemy never fights fair. But death isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a person! It’s the best thing if they know Jesus! And  I’m also not saying that, had we lost Tucker, I wouldn’t have been a tad mad at God. Truth is, I’ve been mad at Him for a lot less. But I’m His! And He’d never let me stay mad at Him! He’d fight for me! He gave His only son for our sins! Why should we think we won’t have to suffer and fight for things while we’re here on this earth?!?

If you ask me now if I’m a lover or a fighter? My answer is hell yeah! I’m both! Because of Jesus Christ, I love people enough to fight to keep them from going to hell! And because (most of the time) I know who I am in Christ, I’ll fight tooth and nail to do what He asks me to do! I don’t always succeed, but I reckon I’ll die trying! And let me just say this. Should someone punch me in the eye now? I wouldn’t be crying! But the person who hit me might be, because I’ll be hittin’ them back! 🙂 IJS 

For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12

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