You May Have Soiled The Sheets, But My Love For You Is Still So Sweet!

This just happened. I’m standing in the kitchen fixing a cup of coffee when I hear a really loud, I mean REALLY loud poot. Seriously, it was a you might outta check your britches kind of poot! You’d think that my initial thought might’ve been ‘Great! Now I’ve gotta change the sheets!’ But, I hate to admit, it wasn’t. It took me a second to realize that I was smiling. I mean, it was one of those smiles you see on the faces of proud mommas when their kids do something really sweet. What the heck’s up with that?! 

When I caught myself smiling I wondered why in the world I had found that enormously loud, check your britches, and change the sheets sounding fart so endearing. Then it hit me! It’s love! Love is what enables me to smile through the stench! Love is the element that makes me chuckle at the thought of having to change the sheets because my husband just soiled them! Love, my friends, covers a multitude of sin, and other (stinky) things that just so happen to start with the letter S! Let me put it this way. Love will cover all those things that start with the letter S that, quite frankly, just happen! If you get my drift. 

Y’all God’s love for us is like my involuntary, proud momma smile over Steve’s poot! You see, WE STINK! I mean seriously, we’re not just obnoxious, no! More often than not, we’re just straight up noxious! For those of you who aren’t familiar with that word, it means you smell like kyarn, or a polecat! Your sin stinks! And if you’re like me, which I know you are, because we’re all human..well, there’s a few I’ve encountered that are questionable, God love ’em. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, if you’re like me, then you stink more than you smell good! But the good news is, God still smiles when He looks at us! He loves us unconditionally and in His eyes we’re spotless! This is how much God loves us, God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. Romans 5:8. 

Christ chose to die for us stinky, sinful people! Don’t tell me that when He looks at us He’s not smiling! Does all sin stink to Him? YES! But His love for us is stronger than any stench we could ever emit!

Yet you have still a few names in Sardis, people who have not soiled their garments, and they will walk with me in white, for they are worthy. Revelation 3:4. Sorry Steve. No white for you! 😏

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