Snickering At Snickers

Everyone’s seen the Coke cans with the names on them right? I heard that Snickers is now putting names on their candy bars, but it’s not so nice names like goober head. I was talking to my bff the other day about those candy bars and I said “I wish could find a Snicker bar that said butt-hole on it, I know a few people who’d get one from me!” Then, untrue Lajuana and Christa nature, we went through the gamut of names and phrases we’d like to see on a Snickers bar. Most of those names and phrases won’t be shared with y’all today on the grounds that it may incriminate Lajuana! Oh, and me too of course :). I will tell y’all this…the one we laughed at the hardest was this   

Y’all, that cracked me up! We are SO funny! At least we think we’re funny! And (most of the time) that’s all that matters! Just the thought of that being on a candy bar lets me have it! But when you just really start thinking about that statement, and the sad reality of just how many people can actually relate, it’s really sad. Here’s some good news for those who can relate to that statement!

You may have a good-for-nothin’ earthly daddy, but you have a perfect heavenly Daddy! And even though it’s a fact that you may have your earthly daddy’s genes, and could be genetically predisposed to certain traits. It’s also a fact that you were created in your heavenly Daddy’s image! Chew on that awhile. Another fact is this…that good-for-nothin’ earthly daddy of yours was also created in your heavenly Daddy’s image! Yep, the GFN dad was created to be good! Now, who knows what happened along the way to make him not so good, we live in a broken, fallen world, nonetheless, he was created in the image of Christ!

So, if you’ve ever heard “You’re just like your daddy” and it’s not a good thing, don’t worry!!!! Because you know that your earthly dad wasn’t created to be good-for-nothin’! NO! You Know that God’s intentions for everyone are for good, and you’re choosing to be good! And you know that the goodness of God, in who’s image you were created, far overrides genetics anyway! In your face naysayers!

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27

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