Feminine Products, Litter Boxes, And Massages. Which Of These Will Be In Heaven?

Yeaterday I had one of the best days I’ve had in a long time! I’m sure you’re wondering what I must’ve done that was so great. The truth is……absolutely nothing! I sat right here in my bed and colored, while enjoying numerous episodes of Family Fued! I stayed in my pajamas until 2pm, then I took a nice long bath. After that I met some girls, from our small group, for dinner. A great day indeed! 

There’s something about hanging out with a group of women, that’s just good for the soul. Women need good girlfriends in their lives. I hear women say that they would rather hang out with the guys, and that they don’t trust other women, and I suppose I can sort of understand. I used to feel the same way. However, having godly girlfriends is a totally different story! I will say this though, the conversation can get a little colorful at times! By the way, names will be (slightly) changed for the sake of anonymity. 

 How can a conversation go from sharing bits of our testimonies, to free massages, to the fact that it chaps our hides when we see commercials of starving, and abused dogs with “In The Arms Of The Angels” softly playing I the background, back to free massages. Dare I say, we had a waiter who really wanted a piece of Nycha’s birthday cake! Which, by the way, was appropriately called the Better Than Sex Cake! Next we wondered if there would be dogs and cats in Heaven. And how if there were cats in Heaven, there’d better not be litter boxes! Although I think one person thought all cats were going to hell….not to mention any names but, Maura, that was pretty mean! Naturally, we discussed my accidental discovery of the poop someone had so sweetly left all over the commode seat, in a public restroom I had visited the day before. And naturally, I have picture evidence! 

 I won’t say which restaurant this was, but they need to keep a watchful eye on their bathrooms because they have rude customers. Either that, or their food is way to greasy. Anyway. Moving on. Back to free massages, and yet another piece of cake for Sergio! Dang Rudy P?! How many massages do you really need?! And then we went right back to Heaven. Or rather, the fact that there will be no feminine products in Heaven! 

You know, I guess I’d never really thought about that! Thanks Maura! Clearly, you realized you needed to redeem yourself because of the nasty cat comment! No periods in Heaven! No tampons! No pads! No cramps! No bloating! No monthly zits! No occasional grouchiness! No Midol necessary! Whoot! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Heaven IS going to be great! 

Ok! Ok! All this talk about Heaven has made me want to confess something! I too partook in the free massages! It wasn’t just Rudy P! Don’t judge!!! I’m not really sure why no one got a pic of Sergio and Rudy P! But they sure made sure they caught me on camera!! 😉 

 And it was worth a piece of that cake! Don’t judge! Maura got a FREE hug! She didn’t even have to give Sergio a piece of cake! Shoot! She didn’t even have to carry her own things to her car! Pfftt! 

 Here’s some good advice. When you’re out with the girls, and one of them has a blog, be more like Rudy M and Nycha, and don’t say, or do anything embarrassing, that might end up in your friend’s blog! 

Be careful what you say and protect your life. A careless talker destroys himself. Proverbs 13:3

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