Porn, Strip Clubs And Your Daughters

I hope everyone had a nice, peaceful Christmas! I say “peaceful”, because some of the families that I know could easily be the subject of the next Jerry Springer Show. Anyway, let’s hope the new year brings joy, hope and peace to everyone! Now on to what’s weighing on my heart. Until a person reaches […]

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due!

What an awesome Christmas we had here at the Hawkins’ house! We’ve definitely had a rough year but God is good! We had fun at mom’s despite the fact that she couldn’t cook :-). Tucker totally enjoyed himself in all the festivities! Those of you who know anything at all about TBIs understand just how […]

Sights Better Off Unseen

Have you ever walked into a situation that was so gross you just kind of stood frozen in your tracks? I mean, something so unthinkable, that after you snap back to reality, you make a beeline for your phone so that you can snap a picture?! If not, then I’m going to assume that you […]

I Swear! I AM A Virgin!

Have you ever seriously thought what it would be like to have been in Mary’s shoes. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about Mary J Blige, or the Mary who had a little lamb, or the Mary of whom the whole world wanted to know why she was “buggin”. You may have to be […]

Tell Me About It!

Y’all know how someone will make a declaration such as, “It really ticks me off when people use the phrase ‘mother/father/brother/sister-in-love’!” And you reply with an emphatic, “Tell me about it!” In reality, we truly don’t want them to elaborate on the subject, we just want them to know that we stand in agreement with them. That […]