Tell Me About It!

Y’all know how someone will make a declaration such as, “It really ticks me off when people use the phrase ‘mother/father/brother/sister-in-love’!” And you reply with an emphatic, “Tell me about it!” In reality, we truly don’t want them to elaborate on the subject, we just want them to know that we stand in agreement with them. That being said, I think I’ll start something new called ‘Tell Me About It Tuesday’. I’m going to write about a pet peeve, or something really irritating, and y’all can respond with ‘Tell Me About It!’ Or, feel free to tell me why you disagree! Sound good?

Today’s Tell Me About It topic is, when people walk across the parking lot, say at Walmart, and you graciously stop for them, but they walk so slow, that if they moved any slower they’d be going backwards! I’m all about the pedestrian having the right of way. So much so that I rarely look before I head to the door, or my car, at Walmart. However, should I see a car waiting on me, I kick it up a notch! I don’t want them to have to sit there forever while I take advantage of their courteousness. Seriously, it’s that entitlement attitude that causes people to behave in such a manner. “They gotta stop for me, so I’m gonna make em wait.” And I’m not talking about any person who can’t help walking slow! I’m talking about these young people, especially young, spry men, who are clearly able to walk a tad faster, but look as if they sped up they might spontaneously combust. Young, capable people who are certainly more able than I to sprint, but are just too dang cool, and far too lazy to do so. If you’re one of these people, here’s a dose of reality for you! No one HAS to stop! 

Look, any good, normally law abiding person, could snap at any given moment. Their day could’ve started off with something tragic. What if their dog had died, and their spouse had walked out on them? What if they’d heard, someone use ‘sister-in-love’? What if on top of all that, Obama had given a speech that day, resulting in all the channels being over taken by lies and bull crap, but like any other sick and disgusting thing they should’ve looked away from it but didn’t, such as a train wreck or a video of someone being beheaded, like an idiot, they just kept watching! All the while praying they’d hear something, anything that made sense! But alas….their dog was still dead, their spouse was still gone, and Obama is still an idiot. 

You just never know what tragic event, or events, a person has endured! And that one, slow walking, apathetic, slothful person could push them right over the edge! They could look over at the pedestrian crossing sign, flip it the finger, and plow right over you! Stop assuming that people want to wait all day for you! I don’t care what mommy told you, you’re not the most special little boy (or girl) in the whole, wide world! Grow up and realize that you’re not in your own little world now and no one thinks your as cute as your mommy does. 

Whew! I feel a lot better now! But there’s still one more point to be made. I can sit here and gripe and complain about people who I think feel as if the world owes them something all day long, but I have to take a look in the mirror. Do I feel as if the world owes me something? No, but I can tell you that I’ve treated God as if He owes me something! I’ve pouted when I haven’t gotten my way. I’ve been mad at Him for not doing what I’ve told Him to do. I’ve done what I wanted to do knowing it wouldn’t be what He would want me to do. I’ve totally taken advantage of His graciousness and mercy, and assumed that because I am His child that He’d let me get away with sinning. WRONG! 

The bible says in Hebews 12:6 that “The Lord disciplines everyone He loves; He punishes everyone He accepts as a child.” So don’t think that God owes you His grace and mercy! He doesn’t owe us anything, but we owe Him everything! He shows us grace and mercy because He loves us! And because He does love us so much, He won’t let us stay in sin. He won’t let us walk around living life so slow that if we got any slower we’d be moving backwards! He wants us to have an abundant life! He wants us to have a spring in our step and not hold others up or make them wait. His world doesn’t need slothful Christians!

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