🎶You Can Find Your Soulmate At _____Only .Com!🎶The Dating Game…Not Really A Game!

These days, you can find your “soulmate” at just about any .com you can imagine! Let’s see,  there’s dating sites for farmers, blacks only, whites only (which for some reason seems to be way more racist than the blacks only site??) older folks, ugly shmucks (yes, it’s actually a dating site), folks who want sugar daddies, and so on and so forth. There’s even sites for those seeking extramarital affairs. Personally, I think it’s sad that we’ve come to this. Dare I say, social media has been as detrimental to marriage, as women working outside the home! Yes, as a matter of fact, I am old fashioned! And way too late I might add! 

 Thankfully, I grew up in an age without social media. I had to meet my husband the hard way…at a booze, and drug infested party. We had to go through the awkwardness of dating and talking face to face, and eventually we had to do so without alcohol or drugs. Steve actually proposed in person, and not through text or computer screen. It went like this. “I’m pregnant. Are you sure? Yes I’m sure! You want to get married? Not if you don’t want to! Plus, you probably should divorce your wife!” Yes, that was the actual conversation! And the rest is history! We lived not so happily ever after! Until…….

God saved us, and our marriage! It would’ve been so easy for us to say that we weren’t seeking God when we were looking for a mate, and that our marriage had been a joke. It would’ve been really easy for us to count our losses and start over, but thankfully God intervened and, unbeknownst to us, directed our steps! Now, we take marriage seriously! It’s the most important thing to us, right under our relationship with God! And had we decided to divorce and start over with someone else?? Guess what! It would’ve been the same crap, just with a different person! Because loving someone is a choice! And until you love The Lord, you’re not capable of truly loving anyone else anyway! The thing is, it doesn’t matter how you meet your mate, whether it’s on a dating site or at the grocery store. What matters is that you understand this. You shouldn’t date anyone you wouldn’t consider marrying! 

Dating is serious business! It’s not to be taken lightly, or treated as a game. The purpose of dating should be to find a lifelong mate, not to get free dinner and a movie. Girls, I’m talking to you! Guys, you shouldn’t ask a girl out, or date her to try and get what you want. Aka, try to get in her pants! Even if you think you want to marry her, you should treat her like the special girl she is! One day you could have a daughter! Would you want some hormone filled, fast talking, dude using her then tossing her to the curb?! Or how about your mother? Would you want someone treating her like that? Think before you act! Save what God intended for marriage for marriage! You will never regret it, I promise! There are never any regrets that come with doing what God asks us to do. EVER! There’s not many who haven’t been affected by divorce. Single people, do you want to have to go through all that?! Of course not! Then take dating seriously! 

Girls, remember that you’re a princess! A daughter of the most high King! You’re a gift meant to be unwrapped by your prince…after you’ve said I do! And ladies, dress modestly! No one gets to peek at your special gift! Why give guys a reason to think they have a shot at having something that doesn’t belong to them?! Your body is precious! You’re beautiful! And you don’t need someone telling you you’re hot to know that! And you can be just as stylish and cute without showing what should be covered! And don’t worry! If you’ve made mistakes, bad decisions, or your innocence was taken by no fault of your own, there’s healing and forgiveness for all those things! And we happen to serve a God who specializes in do-overs! You’re redeemed! You can be made whole, and pure and spotless by the blood of The Lamb! 

Guys, you were created to lead your woman, to protect her and cherish her! When you date a girl remember that, should you marry her, you’re responsible for caring for her! Do you want to add baggage to deal with? And should you sleep with her, then dump her, do you think you won’t be held responsible for the mistakes she might make, because you made her feel badly about herself?! If you think you walk away unscathed…think again! You should always treat all girls as if they are special! Because they are! And so are you! And the same goes for y’all too, if you’ve made mistakes, bad decisions, or your innocence was lost through no fault of your own, there’s healing, restoration, and forgiveness! You can be made whole, and pure and spotless by the blood of The Lamb! You’re a royal priesthood, a prince, a child of the most high King! Date responsibly! 

I, seriously don’t see anything wrong with meeting someone on a dating site…unless you’re married of course. However, we (our culture) take dating way too lightly! And marriage was meant to be between a man and a woman! IJS. Look, young people, and/or older single people, God has given you life! It’s a gift to be cherished! Follow God! Fall in love with Him! Worry about what He wants for you, and the rest will fall into place! Pray for your future mate! Ask God to send you the right one! Then…be patient!

Don’t change yourselves to be like the people of this world, but let God change you inside with a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to understand and accept what God wants for you. You will be able to know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect. Romans 12:2

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