Tazed And Confused. Drugs And Big Rigs Don’t Mix!

Wow! What a crazy past couple of weeks it’s been! I want to start by telling y’all about our son, Tucker. Drug addiction + TBI = one rough road for our family. BUT GOD….! Nothing, and I mean nothing can stand in the way of what God intends to happen! 

When a person grows up with parents who cry out to God on their behalf, they don’t stand a chance at being a good criminal, or a successful drug addict :-). Last Friday night, into early Saturday morning, God proved to us yet again, that He is in control and that He answers prayers! It was nearing midnight and tucker had stopped returning our texts around 9:45. It’s one thing for me to be worried, but when Steve started to worry, I got really worried! It was one of those times that I was scared to say anything, and I really just wanted Steve to stop talking, so i got up and went to the bathroom to pray. Unbeknownst to me, Steve had been in the bed praying the same prayer, that our boy would be brought home alive and well. 

As a parent of someone who struggles with addiction, there’s always a fear of a policeman coming to your door to deliver horrible news. It’s not something we dwell on necessarily, but when your child is out there, it’s something for which we secretly brace ourselves. When I came back to the bedroom Steve had turned on the tv and was watching the monitors. I have to tell you, my heart sank when I saw the police car pull into the driveway. This is it I thought to myself. After all, a cop doesn’t just come to your door after midnight. Thankfully, they DID have our boy! And he was alive and fairly well. 

Thankfully, the cops in this town know about Tucker’s TBI, and weren’t sure if how he was acting was a result of that or drugs. Thankfully they had come to get us, and we were able to clear the air. Yep. He was higher than bat crap! He had somehow gotten to Walmart, and climbed into someone’s transfer truck. When the owner came out of Walmart, and found Tucker sitting in the driver’s seat of his truck, needless to say, he was a bit surprised. Tucker refused to get out of the truck, locked onto the steering wheel, and was sitting there rocking. The local police all know that Tucker doesn’t even have a drivers license, therefore, they knew he hadn’t gotten a job driving a big rig! Needless to say, Tucker had to be tazed to be removed from the truck, and we got to spend from about 1am to 5am in the hospital. 

I was thankful that Tucker was alive, but then I got real pissed. When would this stuff ever end! We were supposed to leave for Mexico Monday morning, and now it was looking as if our plans would have to change. We had already had to cancel our November trip because of something he’d done. I was getting sick and tired. Addiction is a very self centered disease that doesn’t just affect the addict. Top that off with a TBI, which brings on a whole other set of worries and BAM! You have yourself a recipe for potential disaster. BUT GOD! Tucker made stupid decisions that night, but God had his hand all over our boy!

The cops were asking us who he’d been with. When we told them, the cop’s eyes got really big, and he told us that he had been in a really bad wreck about an hour ago. Tucker could’ve been in that car. Joey has a long road ahead of him that’s for sure, and he’s dang fortunate to even be alive! But I feel like he’s going to recover and that God is going to use this to bring Joey to Him! All this prompted tucker to want to get help! He decided that he wanted to go into drug treatment, and checked himself in Monday evening! I don’t know that I’ve ever been more proud of him! 

We were on a plane when he got the call. He called my sister, and my best friend freaking out! Neither of which could come help him. Sudden change sends poor Tucker into a whirlwind. But he got his stuff ready all by himself! Which is seriously a big deal, and a major confidence boost for him! TBIs can wreak havoc on a persons coping skills. Anyway, we got to visit with Tucker yesterday and he’s doing very well, and has a very positive attitude about finishing the program! Considering this is his fourth time to enter treatment, (the first time he’s actually wanted to go! Well, besides the time he wanted to go before his assault which he never got to go.) it’s about dang time!  

 I almost forgot to tell y’all about how God was sweet enough to practically reach down and hug us Saturday morning!!! After spending 5 hours at the hospital, with our high as a kite son, we came home and slept a few hours. Steve and I both had to be up and ready by 9, because Steve had to work, and I had to meet with a customer. Around 10am, I received a text from a lady I’d met nearly SIX MONTHS ago at one of our yard sales. We had exchanged numbers but I hadn’t heard from her, and had hardly thought of her since. The text said, “Hello Christa! This is the lady from your yard sale..yada yada yada. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been praying for your son.” Are you kidding me?! If that isn’t a God wink I don’t know what is!!!! Y’all, God is all over this situation! Get back devil! You ain’t gettin’ our son! And you ain’t stealin’ our joy!

Y’all please pray for Tucker! Specifically pray that Tucker will make his circle consist of only those who love the Lord, and those who choose not to use drugs. Pray that God will surround him with people who will encourage him to do well, and not lead him down a wrong path. Pray that Tucker will be so full of the Holy Spirit that he can resist temptation, and have the courage to make tough decisions when they need to be made. Pray that those people not only be removed from Tucker’s life, but that it is Tucker’s desire to not be around anyone who doesn’t choose Christ! This is never an easy road to take! Sometimes addicts have to say goodbye to people they care about, but God always fills every void! He will not leave anyone feeling empty! And He will give them the desires of their hearts! Oh! Could y’all also pray for a full recovery for Joey!?!

I was going to tell y’all about our Mexico trip, but I’ll save that for tomorrow! I believe y’all have had enough for one day :-). Thanks in advance for the prayers! Love y’all!

He found him out in the wilderness, in an empty, windswept wasteland. He threw his arms around him, lavished attention on him, guarding him as the apple of his eye. Deuteronomy 32:10, The Message

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