Boruga Palooza, The Prison, The Dump, And Scott’s Momma!

So, I promised that I’d tell y’all about our Mexico mission trip. Being that I’m a woman who tries to keep her word, I shall tell y’all about the trip!

This was a medical mission trip. Needless to say, Mexico doesn’t quite have the same standards in medical care that we, here in the US, have the privilege of experiencing. Even in the midst of pathetic Obamacare, we still get better care than those in Mexico. For now! Those of you who think this ridiculous idea of everyone being entitled to something, for doing nothing? Visit Canada or Mexico and see how “good” they have it, because that’s where we’re headed! Even though Mexico doesn’t have a socialistic government; actually I’m not sure they have a real government, unless you consider the cartel to be a governing bodyAnyway, keep voting for idiots, who don’t give a rat’s rear end about biblical principals, and we may as well move to Mexico! At least the people there don’t have an entitlement attitude. Ok, ok. I’m done. 

Like I was saying, Mexico doesn’t quite have the standards we do, in fact, Steve was a surgical nursing assistant in Mexico! I wish y’all could’ve seen him! He and Shone, who’s a nurse here, but a doctor in Mexico, were burning and whacking away! They like to say it was Boruga Palooza! Boruga is the Spanish word for moles. They actually cut at least fifty moles off one lady! The sponge, strategically placed on her chest to hold the cut off borugas, quickly became full and the moles began to roll of the lady’s chest. One even rolled into her shirt! “I believe we have some runaways!” Shone emphatically exclaimed. To which Steve never missed a beat, and simply slid his body from side to side to avoid being hit by a runaway boruga! They got so tickled they thought they were going to have to take a break to regain composure! When in Mexico look out for runaway borugas!  

 Check out Steve’s chest hair! Austin Powers ain’t got nothin’ on him! Lol It’s not really hanging out of his shirt! Camera angle does matter! Lol

There was a little boy, around 10 or 11, who came to our clinic with a large hemangioma, that covered nearly the whole roof of his mouth. His dad wanted to see if there was anything that could be done for him, because it was starting to bother him when he ate. Doc looked at it, and the diagnosis wasn’t good at all! Doc said that hemangiomas will continue to grow, and that most likely this one was already way up in his cheek, possibly further. Even to operate here in the states would be extremely risky. Their hospital doesn’t even have a catscan machine to see what they’re up against! If he were to puncture that hemangioma he would die within a matter of minutes, because there would be no way to stop the bleeding. Even though the boy spoke no English, he was reading our faces and knew it wasn’t good. He looked terrified. His poor dad was trying to be strong, but I know he wanted to cry. Y’all please pray for this boy, his name is Jose. God can heal him! 

Like every medical trip, we went to the prison to do a medical clinic. There was a lot going on there this time and it was a tad weird. Nonetheless, God always protects and goes before us. We ain’t skeered! I wish I had some pics from the prison to show y’all, but they wouldn’t let us take our phones. I can’t help but love these people. Our son has been to prison, but I’m not sure what I’d do if anyone I knew landed themselves in THIS prison!!!! I’d be horrified!

Every trip we go to the dump and pass out hotdogs and drinks to the people who live there. Yes, there are people who live at the city dump. The first time I went I cried all the way back to the Casa. I warned my new friend Shone that it would be a very emotional experience for her, being that this was her first trip. Shone confidently gathered up her bags of hotdogs and skipped off the bus, most likely singing Feed The World silently to herself. She was grinning as she gleefully frolicked out to the people. I’m handing out Chapstick, and thoroughly enjoying myself (except for the strong wind blowing all that toxic dust and horrible smell into my eyes and nostrils) when one red faced, tear stained, sobbing, blubbering like a toddler who had just got in trouble Shone shoves her hotdogs at me and says, “Hold my hotdogs! I gotta get on the bus!” Not in a normal sounding voice mind you! It was a jerky, breathy, very sobby, for lack of a better, real word kind of voice. I mean, she was straight up ugly crying! Blesser!   

  On a lighter note, the week was packed full of yer momma jokes. Yer momma is much like yo momma, but more southern. Mostly, the jokes were Christa’s momma. How the jokes ended up all being on MY momma, I’ll never know! You know it’s bad (and so very good at the same time) when you’re getting on a 14 year old’s nerves! Personally, I think I had the best yer momma joke.  

 Check out the name tag. I’m not sure Scott’s momma would agree with me but whatever. 

On the bus ride I played Spanish Candy Crush. 

 It’s just as much a time siphon in Spanish as it is in English. As usual, while on the bus, we were stopped by the federales. Normally it’s in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere at a Shack on the side of the road. They get on the bus, while wielding a machine gun, and tell everyone to get off the bus. This time the guy who got on didn’t have a big machine gun. When we got off the bus, we were at a very nice facility with bathrooms and everything! Thankfully the guy selling toilet paper was nice enough to let us have some, being that we had no dineros. Yes, you have to buy toilet paper in some places. 

It’s about a 5 hour bus ride from the border to where we stay. This was the first time we’d taken that ride in the daylight. There was some beautiful scenery. You could tell we were getting closer to Texas by the looks of the buildings. However, you could tell we were still in Mexico because the police had taken over some really nice buildings that used to be hotels, restaurants, or maybe daycare facilities.  


Every day God shows us, in some way, that He’s large and in charge. Just the fact that we get to and fro’ safely should be enough, yet He gives us so much more!  


These are just a few of the pics! There’s so much beauty amongst the rubble in Mexico! People say that we should help people here. That there are people here who live in poverty. I suppose that’s true, but people here have a way out! And I have to say that even the homeless people here are rich compared to some of these people! No matter what situation a person is born into here in the United States, they have the means and the resources and the choice to change their lives! At least for now they do! Like I said earlier, if things don’t change we’re not going to be any better off than Mexico! So the next time you hear someone saying that there are people here who don’t stand a chance? Send them to me! I’ll set them up on a trip to Mexico! Then they’ll really get to see what not having a chance looks like! 

Suppose a believer who is rich enough to have all the necessities of life sees a fellow believer who is poor and does not have even basic needs. What if the rich believer does not help the poor one? Then it is clear that God’s love is not in that person’s heart. 18 My children, our love should not be only words and talk. No, our love must be real. We must show our love by the things we do. 1 John 3:17-18


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