Guy Humor And The Things Of God. Sometimes I Don’t Really Get It, And That’s OK! P.P.2016

Steve and I got to see Tucker yesterday! It was a great visit. MeLissa, Tori, Ivy, and Jose also went. We got there before Tucker got back from church, so we ate our KFC  without him :-). Some, actually one of us was rather hangry! They don’t have church, at the Foundry, on the first Sunday of the month, so you can voluntarily go to church off campus. Y’all, you have no idea what it meant to me that Tucker volunteered to get out of bed to go to church! It’s the little things you know. It’s so awesome to see Tucker seeking Truth for himself! 

 Seeing Tucker hanging out with those guys, laughing, cutting up, happily introducing them to us, simply being “real Tucker”, makes my heart smile! I’m sure there are people who may think I’m crazy for being so giddy over my only son being with such a jacked up bunch of guys. If you’re thinking that, then you’re more jacked up than any person in that place ever thought about being! Those guys in there, the one who truly want a better life, are real! They’ve been to rock bottom and are figuring out that God is the only way up! It’s fun to hang out with them. They pick on, and harass each other relentlessly! I’m telling y’all, if you don’t already know, guy humor is pretty gross, but they seem to be having fun! On top of having fun, those guys look out for each other. They become like family! They minister to each other, they help each other, they encourage each other….they’re doing life together! And they’re learning to do it God’s way! Say a prayer for that group of men, that they reach the potential God has for them.

We went to church with Tucker this past Thursday. A young man went to the altar and Tucker jumped up and tore out after him. He knelt down and put his arm around him and prayed for him. Lots of guys then rallied around that young man. After church Tucker said, “I did t really want to go pray for that guy but I couldn’t stop myself! It was like I was drug down there or something!” I got so tickled. I assured him that was the Holy Spirit! And my heart smiled a little bigger!

He seemed a tad puzzled by his lack of control. I would give anything to be in his shoes! Once again some of y’all might be thinking that I’m crazy for wishing I was in a person’s shoes who was in a drug rehab. If you read this blog enough you’ll find yourself thinking I’m crazy quite often I’m sure! Anyway, I’m just a tad jealous of Tucker’s childlike reactions to God moving in his life. I know that no matter if you’re saved or not, God is always moving, and the Holy Spirit is doing what He does to draw us to God. However, until you accept Jesus into your heart, the Holy Spirit does not live inside you! When we first start to truly seek God, and truly want to do His will, that new feeling is wonderful! And when you have never been aware of God moving, and you don’t have a clue what to expect, and you’re just amazed, and somewhat confused by all the things that’s happening around, and inside you, it’s the best feeling in the world! Sometimes it seems like the more we learn, aka the smarter we become, the more we get in the way of what God is trying to do in our lives! 

Here’s something I know! Heres some proof for you that God truly does work all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose! *Romans 8:28. God is going to use Tucker’s brain injury as a tool for Tucker to minister to others! Tucker’s lack of filter, the thing that he struggles with a lot, will become an asset! Tucker’s lack of inhibition will allow him to be bold in ministry! God will never waste a good opportunity to use a horrible situation to be used for His glory! 

I know Tucker has a long road ahead of him. I know there’s a lot of things he doesn’t understand. I also know that that’s ok!! God doesn’t expect us to understand everything!! Otherwise we wouldn’t need Him! He expects us to be putting forth our best effort to learn, and to draw closer to Him, so that we are able to love Him above all else! And when we fall in love with Jesus, then, and only then, can we truly love others! That my friends is what it’s  all about! At the end of the day, falling in love with Jesus is the most important thing! If you love Him, you’ll have the desire to know all about Him! If you love Him you’ll want to love others! Love is always a choice! Choose to love Jesus! 

If you don’t know Jesus as your savior, pay attention! You know that empty feeling you have? That longing that there has to be something better? You know how you keep trying all those things to fill that empty feeling? Things like drinking, drugs, sex, relationships, work, money…however you’re trying to make yourself feel happy; I promise you, you’re never going to fill that void with anything except JESUS! The Holy Spirit is trying to tell you something! You don’t feel empty for no reason! You were created to love, and worship Jesus! I’m sorry if you don’t believe that, it’s still true! And YES! You do need to be part of a church! You don’t have to go to church to get saved or go to Heaven, but the bible is pretty clear that you need to be part of a body of believers! No church is perfect! Neither are you! Stop making excuses and go! Get involved! Surround yourself with likeminded people and do life with them! And another thing, allow God to use what the enemy meant to harm you for His good! Don’t overthink this stuff! 

You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people. Genesis 50:20 NLT

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