It Sucks To Be Stuck

In my lifetime, I’ve found myself in some very awkward, and compromising positions. Situations that have left me feeling downright helpless. Like the time I wore a long, full skirt to school and a certain friend, I won’t say any names, Terry Casey, (I never said I wouldn’t type the name!) snuck up behind me, pulled the skirt up over my head, and held on for dear life! There I was, at break time no doubt, with my arms pinned up, legs kicking to beat the band, screaming when I get out of this, I’m going to kill you! I don’t know who all got a glimpse of me, and all my glory that day, and I beg of you not to tell me if you did! Here’s one thing that I do know. Being vulnerable, and stuck really sucks! Thinking back though, I’m totally glad that happened to me back then, when my body didn’t look anywhere near as bad as I thought it did, as opposed to now. Now I don’t just think! I know! ;-). Not to mention, now days, no matter how cruel age has been to me, I know how valuable I am, and that my true beauty comes from Christ in me, and not how good (or not so) I may look! Plus, it’s just another good reason not to wear skirts! You never know when a Terry Casey might be lurking! 🙂

The other day Steve stumbled up on a man who had closed his hand in the trunk of his car. I’m not sure how one closes one’s hand up in the trunk of one’s car, but this poor man had done it. He didn’t have his phone, and it’s not like he could reach in the car and get his keys, unless he was Stretch Armstrong because his hand was closed in the trunk! There he was, on the side of the road, in a very painful and awkward predicament. He was stuck. Fortunately for this man, a nice person happened to come to his rescue! That would’ve been the perfect scenario for a thief! 

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in situations that are no fault of our own, like when my skirt was pulled over my head. All I was guilty of was looking cute! Then there are times when we make careless decisions, and before we know it, we’re stuck! Like when a person rests his hand where the trunk will close, then closes the trunk with the other hand. Either way, a person is stuck! And being stuck really sucks! These are rather funny examples of being stuck. However, there are times in life when we find ourselves stuck in situations that are really bad, like maybe having to go to prison due to bad choices we’ve made. Maybe a person thinks they’ve found the love of their life, only to have that person abuse them. What about when a person gets cancer or gets a life altering injury? The question is, how do we handle things when we find ourselves in these stuck situations? Do we get mad and threaten to kill someone? Do we sit around and feel sorry for ourselves? Do we blame God for the situation in which we’ve found ourself? Or do we turn to God, pray for His will to be done, and thank Him for all the blessings He’s given us?

When I’ve found myself in compromising situations, I’ve been guilty of it all! I’ve been mad at God. I’ve blamed Him when clearly it wasn’t His fault. I’ve turned to Him and earnestly prayed when there was nothing else I could possibly do! Look, we’re human beings,  we have emotions, and sometimes we’re not the smartest creatures God created! We don’t always handle every situation the way we should, but when I’m faced with scary, challenging, miracle needing situations, I want to channel my inner Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego!!!!!

That story is found in Daniel chapter 3. Remember, King Nebuchadnezzar made an idol, and said that whenever the band played everyone had to bow down and worship his god. I wonder what song they played? Yeah, I know, what difference does it make. Yet still, I wonder. Anyway, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused, and of course some of the king’s men tattled on them. Needless to say King Nebby was furious! Nonetheless King Nebby gave the three amigos another chance. And needless to say, they refused to worship his worthless idol. Don’t you know King Nebby was madder than a wet hen?! The way the three amigos responded to the king blows me away! This is the attitude I want to have in difficult situations! They let King Nebby have it! They said “King Nebuchadnezzar, we don’t need to talk about this anymore. 17 We might be thrown into the blazing furnace. But the God we serve is able to bring us out of it alive. He will save us from your power. 18 But we want you to know this, Your Majesty. Even if we knew that our God wouldn’t save us, we still wouldn’t serve your gods. We wouldn’t worship the gold statue you set up.”

That’s good stuff y’all! Even if! Even if God were to choose not to deliver me from a difficult situation , still I want to choose to praise Him and to serve only Him! When faced with difficult situations, let’s all try and summon our inner Shadrach, Meshach and Abednegos! What say ye?

3 thoughts on “It Sucks To Be Stuck”

  1. Thank you so very much. This is the very first blog I read today and much like the Word, it spoke to me much like you were there beside me. I was in a very bad state years ago and I wanted to give up…I do not want to bother you, but if you ever want to hear the miracle of Him saving me, it would be my pleasure. Anyway, I am now in a situation that I am physically down but on my way to getting better. I am a burden on everyone after an accident and I have to depend on a lot of the people who loved me and I put them through hell with my addiction. Now, I am not only upset about all that I have done and will never be able to forgive myself alone. I am now trapped as the people I still love so very much but they will never believe me about him saving my life when the doctors alone were astonished. I can accept the nonbeliever in everyone, I feel sorry for them…they have to believe there is a God, I KNOW THERE IS GOD. Now, I am not only trying to tell them things are wrong, but I am being constantly beat down, pushed with psychological abuse, not allowed to sleep and tried to make paranoid. I don’t get paranoid like the prison thing in your blog, but I keep reliving my past and the depression is so bad, the constant trips down that jagged road is nightly destroying me as The Lord and the help of His house keeps me walking in light though I am surrounded by dark. I am in that furnace and they continue to fuel the flames. I actually know it is on purpose and they search for anything to upset me when they can’t get me angry. I react as I was told to keep them happy but I don’t really get angry that much anymore! All of this is what you have described for me and I love the reference to the furnace. I have found that I don’t need to be paranoid, but I have to pretend a bit to satisfy them. This week I found that a former “friend” was totally not who he said and was just there before my attempt to die to help push me to the edge to get help (I hope) but I was so fragile that I broke completely. I never thought that someone would actually help with that. Now, I have several that are pushing worse than before..”with both hands” so to speak!! They can line up, attack me in groups and keep me so upset and hard on myself ….but with the Holy Spirit glowing as much as it can and Jesus Christ by my side, I hold on and just keep my head up. The Lord owns my soul, it was given when He saved me so I cannot take my life, it’s just not possible. Now, it gets more and more evident that this could have attacked me the same way before and I did not have my Spirit and Faith in order! Now, I apologize for the length of this but I read your blog and the light came through my windows at the same time literally and I get the words I need to help my Spirit lift. I have been through trial after trial and this one blog is the most direct and beautiful instance of how the Word is really our sword! Thank You So Very Much and God Bless and Keep You, Rivers
    P.S. If you would like to hear what happened with His Grace saving my life and soul, please say so.


    1. Thanks so much for reading my blog, and for sharing your heart with me. God is SO good and He definitely has a plan for you! It sounds like you’ve overcome a lot in your lifetime. As for forgiving yourself…God has forgiven you! He died for your sins, and paid your debt so that you wouldn’t have to! Because of Him you are good! You are forgiven! And you are free! Now, LET IT GO! 🙂 thanks again! To God be the glory! And feel free to share your salvation story!


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