Life Is Not A Popularity Contest. 

I’m going to say something that may not be popular. It may sting a bit, but what’s true is true, and I won’t apologize for speaking THE truth. Sin is sin. Period. Point blank. You’re either for God, or against Him. You either follow God or satan. There is no straddling the fence. Well, you […]

Rehab Realities. I Ain’t Joshin’ Around!

There could be some of y’all out there who wonders why I share about our son, Tucker, so much. I mean, I realize there are parents out there who talk about their children so much, you’d just as soon shove bamboo under your fingernails than to have a conversation with them. I hope I’m not […]

Want To Feel Better About Yourself? READ THIS BLOG!!

I want to tell y’all something this morning. Now, make sure you’re reading this in a quiet place. I want you to understand what you’re reading. Not only do I want you to understand what you’re reading, but I want you to get it! I mean like, get it into that thick skull! Get it in […]