Celebrating Recovery From Bad Directions. AKA Double Crossed By The Double Checker

I’m not a huge fan of double-checking. Let me explain. If I’m doing something, I’ll double-check myself numerous times! However, I’m not a big fan of someone else double checking me! Especially when I don’t ask to be double-checked! You see, I married a double-checker! There aren’t many things I do, that Steve doesn’t double-check. In the beginning, the double-checking would wreck my nerves! Now, I’ve grown accustomed to the feelings of  inadequacy and not measuring up.👈🏽Sarcasm. Plus, if I’m being honest, there have been a few times when Steve’s double-checking has made our lives much easier. I, myself, am not much for double-checking others. However, if I do happen to question someone, or suggest they may need to check themselves, I believe my suggestions are worth considering. Such was the case Sunday afternoon.  

As always, Steve and I had went to visit Tucker, and all the other guys who now call me Mom. Later that day we also had a Celebrate Recovery picnic to attend. It was to be held at the lovely Camp Sumatanga. While we were visiting our boy, I, nonchalantly asked where Camp Sumatanga was, because I wanted to get there as quickly as possible, and Jason generously gave us directions. That’s what I love about these guys! They’re always so eager to help! I’m especially fond of Jason, because Tucker loves him, and he thinks I’m so sweet! 🙂 The time came for us to leave, so we gave our hugs, said our goodbyes, and headed off to the church picnic! 

The car was loaded down with our hotdogs, chili, and plethora of chips, all packed neatly in my monogrammed Thirtyone bag. I had the quilt, for us to sit on, nicely folded and ready to go! I was so excited to hang out with my church family. So excited, that I was willing to drive over an hour just to do life with these people. I was driving and, as I said earlier I generally don’t double-check, but something told me this time I should. I told Steve I thought he should google the directions, just in case Jason didn’t really know what he was talking about. Steve assured me we were good, to keep driving. Steve kept asking, “I wonder why they had the picnic way over here?” And making comments like, “Dang, why didn’t they just have it in Atlanta?!” By now, if you’re reading this, and you at least know the general vicinity of Camp Sumatanga, you know where this story is heading. We had been driving over an hour when we realized we were headed to A camp, just not the right camp! Remember me asking Steve to google the directions?! The camp located past the Talladega Speedway is Shocco Springs! Not Sumatanga!  

 To say that I was pissed off is a gross understatement! In fact, I haven’t been that mad in a very, long time! Where were you on that one Mr. Double-checker?! I thought. Maybe Steve should spend more time double-checking himself and others, instead of double-checking me! I mumbled under my breath, among other things, that I dare not share with the whole world! And don’t even ask! Things that bad are just between me and God! The me without Jesus would’ve been raising cane! I mean, I would’ve been letting Steve have it! But the me with Jesus stayed silent and only cussed Steve out in my head. I did say, in the sweetest, most gentle voice I could muster, “I thought I asked you to google?” Naturally, I got no answer. We rode the rest of the way home in silence. Steve not listening to my suggestion about googling directions, cost us valuable time with our church family. Not to mention, it also cost Steve valuable time he could’ve been enjoying the sound of  my sweet voice! Instead, he had to ride home in silence! That’s what he gets! I showed him! 

Sometimes in life we choose to get directions from a source other than God. When we do, often times we end up missing the picnic so to speak. When we choose to do things our own way, God sometimes gets quiet. Unlike myself,  God is not cussing us out in His head! He’s just being patient, and waiting for us to turn back to Him. Sometimes, when we don’t listen to Him, and we decide to do things the way we want, He may give us the silent treatment. He may be quiet until we decide to come to our senses. Sometimes, He might become quiet so that we long for Him, so that we don’t start treating Him like a genie in a bottle god. There are many instances in the Bible when God became quiet, and every time it was before He was about to do something big….good or bad. 

You see, the dumbest thing Steve could’ve ever done would’ve been to start making excuses, or profusely apologizing to try and smooth over the situation. Had he done that, I couldn’t have kept quiet, and there would’ve been a huge blow up! But because Steve is wise, and he’s come to know me fairly well over the past 23 years, he kept quiet, and I kept my thoughts to myself! So, what do we do when God is silent? We wait patiently! Don’t start freaking out, wondering what the heck is going on! Don’t start trying to handle things on your own. And for the love of all that is good and holy, keep your mouth shut! See, had I let Steve hear all the things I was saying to myself that day, things might not be well with us right now! But because we were wise, and we both kept quiet, a fight was avoided, and later we laughed about the whole situation! However, Jason, the guy who gave us directions, the one who thinks (or thought) I was so sweet, may or may not have felt my wrath when I sent him a simple, and to the point message. “That’s Shocco Springs dumb a$$!” Hey, don’t judge! I never said I handled the whole situation properly! 🙂 Plus, I was joking! The moral of the story is, sometimes the best thing we can do is to sit quietly and wait, on God, AND your spouse!

Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent. Proverbs 17:28

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