Annoying Things Christians Say

I guess it was God’s will. I’m blessed and highly favored! We may not understand everything in THIS life. These are just a few of the really annoying and churchy things Christians sometimes say. Let’s face it, those of us who’ve been walking this walk long enough, all know how to speak Christianese! I got news for […]

Naked And Not So Afraid. Ice Ice Baby Too Cold!

So, for those of you who don’t already know this, I went to see Vanilla Ice in concert this past weekend!! Now, to a lot of you that may not be a big deal. I must admit, I wasn’t a big Ice fan back in the day either, however, he put on an awesome show! […]

Sex And Recovery. We Can’t Do Either Alone!

As I watch Tucker in his recovery process, I’m seeing that he is becoming the friend that people long to have! The friend that will stick by you, and stick up for you whenever you need him! God is so good to us! I absolutely love seeing God work like this! And y’all, today we […]

Jesus Is The PedEgg For Our Soul!

In the past, nearly ten years, my Mother’s Days have been iffy at best. I remember one Mother’s Day when Tucker breezed through and brought me a Nook! I thought it was very sweet, although I would’ve much preferred spending time with him. Well, let me back up a minute. I thought the Nook was […]