Jesus Is The PedEgg For Our Soul!

In the past, nearly ten years, my Mother’s Days have been iffy at best. I remember one Mother’s Day when Tucker breezed through and brought me a Nook! I thought it was very sweet, although I would’ve much preferred spending time with him. Well, let me back up a minute. I thought the Nook was a sweet gift until I tried to register it only to find out it was stolen! I was sure I was headed straight to prison! I’m pretty sure we’ve celebrated a Mother’s Day (or 2) while being incarcerated. I’d have to go back and read my blogs to remember everything correctly! I’m not sure if that’s selective memory or old age, but whatever. And even this Mother’s Day wasn’t without its setbacks.

When a person, who’s a new Christian, and is learning to trust the Lord, (yes, trusting the Lord is a learning process) there can be trying times. Like when you pray about something, and you just know God is going to answer it one way, and the total opposite happens? Who hasn’t been there, right? I believe that’s where Tucker is right now, and it’s testing him. Big time! I also believe that even though being in that place has caused some setbacks, that place is right where Tucker needs to be! The setbacks, and the rough patches are where we find out if we’re going to bend or break. When we find ourselves going through a rough spot, you can best believe God is doing a mighty work! He is refining us! It’s sort of like using a PedEgg.

You’d think that rubbing an object with sharp edges over your heels would lead to serious wounds, but NO! It leads to beautifully, smooth feet! Feet that don’t make holes in your sheets! Feet that you’re not ashamed to slide into a pair of cute flip flops! Feet that don’t make people cringe when they see them! And then when you’re finished, you just empty the incredibly, nasty foot shavings into the trash! Just think, if you had never rubbed those sharp edges over your feet, you would still have hideous, crusty feet that made everyone sick. And if the PedEgg didn’t have that handy-dandy crust catcher, your foot shavings would be scattered all over the floor for all to see! Do you get it?!?

If everything in life were easy, and we never had to fight through anything, we would be crusty and disgusting! We would be so cocky and full of ourselves that no one could stand to be around us! As human beings, our flesh is naturally self centered as it is! Imagine what a person would be like if life never humbled them?!? There would be nothing to make us realize that we needed Jesus! And we ALL need Jesus! He’s the PedEgg for our soul! He not only makes us soft and beautiful, He catches all our nastiness and gets rid of it! As far as the east is from the west! To the bottom of the ocean floor!

Tucker went through one of those rough patches recently, and found himself on restriction. From what I’ve witnessed, not many people make it through restriction at The Foundry, it’s tough! Guess what though?!? God is doing a mighty work, and Tucker is refusing to give up! That’s the power of prayer my friends! God is rubbing Tucker with sharp edges, smoothing him and making him beautiful! Tucker’s realizing a lot of things about God, himself, and others! The old Tucker would have gathered his crap (or not) and walked away. The old Tucker would’ve blamed the program for his mistakes. The new Tucker however, takes responsibility for his actions, and is amazed at how, and I quote, “When you do your job, and what you’re expected to do, people don’t ride your ass.” And even though we only got to sit through church with Tucker and didn’t get to stay and hang out with him this Mother’s Day, the best Mother’s Day gift I could’ve ever gotten was the assurance that God’s promises are true! And the assurance that He who started a good work in Tucker will finish it! I couldn’t be more proud! This was one of the best Mother’s Days ever! Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Thank You Jesus for being the PedEgg for our soul! Thank you for refining us, and for shaping us into beautifully, smooth masterpieces who don’t disgust others! And thank You for doing it over, and over again when we do get crusty and disgusting! I love You!

These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world. 1 Peter 1:7

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