When Tha Shizzle Hits Tha Flizzle, You Get Bizzle My Nizzle! 💩🤑💩

 God often asks me to get out of my comfort zone. Like the other day when I heard someone in the kitchen at 2am. I asked Steve if he was ok. Naturally, being that he was sound asleep, he wanted to know why I wanted to know if he was ok. I said, weren’t you just in the kitchen? He said, no. So just to be sure, I asked again. You weren’t just in the kitchen?! He answered again with a very groggy no. Well, someone was in the kitchen, I said. And I dozed back off to sleep. A few minutes later I heard the pitter patter of 60lb paws on the kitchen floor. I get up to find Sadie, Tucker’s pit, wandering around. She had unfastened her grate and gotten out! What the crap?! Yeah. What the crap was right! Immediately after letting her outside (at 3am mind you) I find the most enormous pile of dog crap ever!  This, my friends is out of my comfort zone! 

I stared at the pizzle of shizzle (SnoopDogg fans will get that) for a few minutes, trying to think of a way to clean that up without touching it! At 3am my mind was blank, so I grabbed the paper towels and started cleaning. Let me tell you, scooping up that poo, which had the consistency of pudding, was disgusting! Especially when my finger slid right into the pile! Needless to say I gagged. If this wasn’t bad enough, later that day, as I sat at Hardee’s waiting for them to bring out my order, a bird pooped in my window! I mean, I literally had bird crap inside my car! I’m not sure what God is trying to tell me, but I wished He would just spit it out and stop dropping hints. Pun intended. Cleaning up crap is way out of my comfort zone! Even though I felt very unworthy, and completely unqualified to clean up the poo, the good thing is, I’m still alive! It did not kill me to clean up poop! And even though you may feel as if you’ll die? Getting out of one’s comfort zone will not kill you! Unless, of course, getting out of your comfort zone requires you to go to battle, or into a dangerous mission field! Then I guess you could possibly die! Anyway, I believe someone needs the blog below!
Unqualified? Unworthy? YOU’RE PERFECT!

I am a creature of habit. I like doing things the same way every time. I’m not big on change.
When I go to Walmart, I park on the same aisle always. No matter which part of the store I intend to go. I drink from the same coffee cup every day. I sit in the same seat every day at home, and I sit in the same seat at church every Sunday. I once walked up on some visitors sitting in my seat. I just froze! They were staring. I was staring. Finally I said to myself (in my head of course) “Ok Christa, just walk away. You can do this!) Finally I managed to smile, say hello, and walk away. At our new church, I picked our Sunday morning small group based on the fact that it was in the same room as our Wednesday night group, both in which I pretty much sit in the same seat.
Like I said, I’m not big on change. I like familiarity. I don’t like deviating from what I want, and like to do. I want to do what is comfortable to ME. Staying in my comfort zone makes me comfy, and who doesn’t like to be comfy?
In case you haven’t noticed, God doesn’t always work that way. He often takes us out of our comfort zones. He’s always wanting to stretch us and grow us. He will, often times, ask us to do things we feel totally unqualified to do. He will sometimes use the most unlikely person to prove His point.
David, the most unlikely of his brothers, slew Goliath. Gideon, the least, from the weakest clan, became a mighty warrior. God uses unlikely people so that others see His strength in them. He uses the weak to prove He is strong. He uses the not so glorious so that He is glorified.
We all like to do the things we want to do, those that we do well. Most of us don’t like being taken out of our comfort zones, but God doesn’t want us becoming luke warm.
When God asks us to do something we feel totally unqualified, or even unworthy to do, we only need to trust Him! His grace is sufficient, and His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. 2 Corinthians 2:9.
I’m thankful that God chooses to use unlikely, unworthy people, aren’t you? Otherwise, most of us would just be sitting around, twiddling our thumbs. I pray that I am always willing to obey, even when I am uncomfortable. Just don’t take my coffee cup, or my seat at church! To God be the glory!

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