Annoying Things Christians Say

I guess it was God’s will. I’m blessed and highly favored! We may not understand everything in THIS life. These are just a few of the really annoying and churchy things Christians sometimes say. Let’s face it, those of us who’ve been walking this walk long enough, all know how to speak Christianese! I got news for y’all, Christianese is, by far, one of the most annoying languages in the world!


Have you ever went through some horrible situation, maybe the loss of a loved one, or a break-up, or some major financial crisis, only to have one of your friends say that they suppose it was just God’s will? Here’s a newsflash for y’all… Not everything that happens in this world is God’s will! Sometimes crap happens because we live in a broken, fallen world, and because we reap what we sow! Or maybe you’ve sincerely asked someone how they were doing to have them answer with an over enthusiastic, “I’m blessed and highly favored!” Can a person possibly be any more generic, not to mention annoying?! Maybe you’ve been spilling your guts to someone about something tragic, and they have the audacity to say that there are just going to be things we don’t understand this side of Heaven?? Well, no sh*t Sherlock! Excuse my French. If we could understand everything we wouldn’t need Jesus, now would we?!? And what happens when we have a non-believing friend who comes to us for consolation? How many times have we ran them off, rather than comforting them with our incessive Christianese?
Most of the time, when bending the ear of a friend, any of the above sayings, is the last thing anyone wants to hear. The point is, sometimes we just need to listen. We don’t always have to give a response. Especially when we’re just digging one out of our standard, generic, Christian ones. Sometimes all a person needs is an ear! Y’all, I struggle with this because I love giving advice, and I love to help people. But in 1 Peter 3:4b, the Bible says, “A gentle and quiet spirit, in God’s sight is very precious.” The Bible also says this in Proverbs 17:28, “Even a fool is thought to be wise when he remains silent;” Sometimes it’s best just to be quiet! Especially when all we’re doing is speaking Christianese!

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