Foreskin And Loving Others. What Does One Have To Do With The Other?!

This is a blog I wrote in 2014. It’s a doozie too, I might add! When a group of ladies get together there’s no telling what the topic of conversation will be! Not to mention, there’s no telling how many topics there may be! When a bunch of women talk, the conversation jumps around more than kids on a trampoline! I hope this makes y’all laugh, encourages y’all, and makes your Friday even better!

Yesterday I assured you that today would bring forth great enlightenment. All I can say is, prepare to be enlightened!

Last night I had dinner with some ladies (and one man) from my bunco group. No, it wasn’t a gay man! One of the women insisted on bringing her husband. PARTY FOUL! Hey. I’m just calling it like Robin sees it!:-) It turned out ok though, because he had apparently been instructed to keep his talking down to a minimum. Or was it that he wasn’t able to get a word in? Either way, it was fine. Well I mean, except for the fact that, had the rest of us known this was a “couples event”, we would’ve brought our arm candy! Not to mention, someone there could have needed to discuss having that ‘not so fresh’ feeling. But I mean, it was really fine that he was there.

Maybe it was the hint of testosterone in the air that lead us to the discussion of circumcision, I’m not sure. However, after having discussed the removal of one’s foreskin, and how not removing one’s foreskin could lead to uncleanliness, and possible serious infection; my once insatiable desire for loaded potato skins was totally averted. Or any other food with the word skin in the title, for that matter.

I also noticed that when, one certain lady who shall remain nameless, admitted to using the withholding of sex as a means of punishment, the male person at the table said not a word! He merely looked down at his plate, and chewed his food. I, on the other hand, had plenty of sound marital advice to offer. Those who know me, know how I love doling out advice. Now, you watch! Next week, I’ll be the one who’s like “Aw naw! They’ll be no whoopie at the Hawkins’ house! I’ll teach him to disagree with me!” Ain’t that usually how it goes?

We talked about the sad reality of addiction, and how it affects just about every family. The good Lord knows, a group of women (and one quiet man) can go from laughing to crying, or from foreskin to addictions in a matter of minutes!

One of the ladies straight up lied about a celebrity living behind her. I was amazed! Come to find out, it wasn’t a celebrity at all! Just a “look-alike”. And I was planning on visiting her so I could catch a glimpse. Pfftt! I had lots of words of wisdom to share with her about lying, and how wrong it is! But, I was too tired and in shock to say anything. I’m not sure what’s more shocking, the fact that she had lied, or the fact that it had rendered me speechless. Had it not been after 9, she probably would have gotten an ear full! You think you know someone and BAM! You’re smacked in the face with reality!?! SMH

No matter what the topic of discussion, the good the bad or the ugly, we were doing one of the things God expects us to do while we’re here on this earth; building relationships. Having lost a dear friend this past week, I was reminded of the importance of relationships, old and new. Really, I was reminded how important people are period!

Each person we encounter, good or bad, is one of God’s creations. If we happen to enjoy their company? Great! If we happen to think they’re kinda yucky? Great! That’s an opportunity to share the love of Christ with someone who may not understand love at all. Or just a chance for us to learn to love those who aren’t so easy to love. We, as followers of Christ, are required to love everyone, remember? You watch! Today, God will put someone in my path that’s not so easy to love, and I’ll be forced to practice what I preach!:-)

People, spend time with friends and family. Love people. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Share yourself with others, and in doing so you (hopefully) inevitably show them the love of Christ!

We loved you dearly—so dearly that we gave you not only God’s message, but our own lives too. 1 Thessalonians 2:8

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