I Can’t Wait! How ‘Bout You?

Every year on this day, August 16th, I write about our Averie Ryne. Today would’ve been her 23rd birthday! However, early this morning God gave me a sweet dream about my friend Jimmy Murcks! And on Averie’s birthday no doubt! So, I’m going to assume that Averie is hanging out with Jimmy today, and that […]

Red On The Head! Metal In The Mouth!

This must be my sister’s week, because I just keep thinking of funny “Melissa stories”. When I spoke with her last night, she asked why I didn’t include the part about her getting me back in yesterday’s blog. I informed her that this was my blog! If she wanted to tell stories, she could start […]

People Or Politics? Hmm….

After having watched the RNC, and as much as I could stand of the DNC, then seeing the posts on Facebook and the tweets on Twitter, I’ve come to a few conclusions. This world has gone stark raving mad. People, not politics, are divisive. And Jesus is coming back soon. He has to be! There will […]