People Or Politics? Hmm….

After having watched the RNC, and as much as I could stand of the DNC, then seeing the posts on Facebook and the tweets on Twitter, I’ve come to a few conclusions. This world has gone stark raving mad. People, not politics, are divisive. And Jesus is coming back soon. He has to be!

There will probably be some of you who read this and think I’m crazy. That’s ok! It won’t be the first time! I have to say, watching the DNC felt like something out of The Left Behind movie series. People cheering for hillary clinton during, what was supposed to be a prayer, was just about the eeriest thing ever! There was no reverence for Christ whatsoever! People cheering over the killing of innocent babies?! People booing hillary and cheering for Bernie?! I have to say, I truly don’t get it. If I were a democrat, I’d be completely ticked off! 

The posts and tweets, about both parties, were entertaining to say the least. But here’s something else I don’t get. Why can’t people state their opinions without people getting mad? If I don’t agree with you, I’m not going to comment! Why do some people consider it mean or divisive when others state their opinions? Like I said in a Facebook post, “at the end of the day, I’m not going to not like someone who doesn’t agree with me about politics!” Or something like that. I’m of the opinion that, when we take the stance of I refuse to say anything because it’s all about peace and love, then we are cowards who stand for nothing. I certainly do not agree with the democrats (although I don’t consider myself to be affiliated with any political party) however, if a person does, they should stand up for what they believe! They have just as much right to share their opinions as I do! 

Yes, LOVE is the answer! Yes, LOVE is the key to people getting along! But when it gets to the point that we can’t openly share an opinion?! Again, that’s way to Left Behind-ish to me! Or Big Brother-ish! Above all else we should love! But doesn’t the bible say that even sinners love those who love them? *Luke 6:32-36 If we are able to love those who don’t agree with us, that’s what Jesus is talking about

Living this life, in this world, is not about kum ba yahing with those who always agree with us!!! It’s about loving everyone….even when we don’t share the same opinions! Or religious backgrounds, or sexual preferences, or whatever! And I’m not saying that we, as Christians, don’t call sin sin! What the bible says is sin. Period! And that doesn’t mean that we don’t share the Gospel with people who believe differently than we do, because if a person doesn’t accept Jesus as Lord and Savior they will go to hell! There’s one way to Heaven! It simply means we do everything in love! And I suppose that means not saying mean things, even about politicians we don’t like. Yes, I’m preaching to myself. However, stating facts is a different story! I’ll try to keep the personal, mean comments to a minimum! 🙂 Ok! I will try not to say anything mean about anyone! Geez this is hard!

Anyway, let’s stop letting others opinions keep us from loving. Share opinions! Stand up for what you believe! But still love! And seriously, one day, I have no idea when, (and neither does anyone else) Jesus is coming back! And I don’t want to see anyone left behind! No one! There’s only one way to Heaven, and that’s through Jesus Christ! The Bible is true! What it says will happen, will happen! If you don’t know Jesus, I urge you to check out His Word! Don’t get left behind!

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