If Bragging On You Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right!

I really just want to brag on our son right now! Words cannot express how proud I am of the man he’s become! But before I do, I want to say this. 

Sometimes I feel guilty for bragging on Tucker because I know people out there, who are still waiting on their Jonah’s (a Jonah is a person who’s running from God. I’ll write a blog about it later for those who didn’t hear me speak at CR) to wake up and come to their senses. To those of you waiting on your Jonah, I say this…NEVER GIVE UP! It’s never too late for someone to turn their life around! God never gets tired of hearing our prayers! You may feel as if He’s not listening, but I assure you He is! He’s waiting patiently on your Jonah to cry out to Him so He can send him to his Ninevah! Hang in there!

Last night I went to church with Tucker. When I looked over and saw him worshiping, I can’t tell you the joy I felt in my heart! Standing beside our son, worshiping together is just about more than this momma can take! I realized (again) that he’s not my little boy; he’s a man! Not just a man mind you, but a godly man! A man who’s truly seeking after God! A man who worships! A man who skips watching tv to invest time in others! A man who values work! A man who takes care of his body because it’s the Lord’s temple, not just because it makes him look and feel better! A man who values his family! A man who is, for the first time since he was a kid, truly happy! It’s more than just being happy though! What he’s feeling is the joy of the Lord, which is his strength! And he knows that! 

Don’t ever think a person is too far gone, because God is big! And any of you who may be doubting that Tucker is really doing well? Keep your thoughts to yourself! I will straight up rip you a new one! Then, through gritted teeth, I will remind you that God loves “expletives” too! Yes, he’s been to rehab before. Actually this is his fourth rehab. Yes, he’s been to jail numerous times, and prison once. So what?!? You think God can’t change a person after all that?! If that’s what you think, you’re stupid! If you think people who are in jail only get jailhouse religion, that they don’t mean what they say because, when they get out, they fall back into their bad habits…think again! They mean it! The pull of this world is strong y’all! Sometimes it takes a few times for it to stick! God never gives up! 

Psalm 31:24 says to be coragious and wait on the Lord! Romans 12:12 says rejoice in hope, be patient through tribulations and pray constantly! Galatians 6:9 says that we will be rewarded if we don’t get tired of doing good and if we never give up! This is good stuff y’all! God doesn’t lie! He does what He says! Never forget that! And it ain’t over til it’s over!

4 thoughts on “If Bragging On You Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right!”

  1. Romans 12:15
    15 Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.
    I am celebrating with you about Tucker! I have 2 sons I am currently praying for they both are non believers..(so they say, but I claim that they are). You know my situation and have given me the scripture you have held onto for Tucker.. Reading this gives me soooo much hope Christa!!!!! please keep bragging cause it gives me hope that one day I’m going to be that bragger!! Love you so much girl


  2. I have been praying also for my son for years and I know one day he will come around because I see God working in his life. God is bigger than anything we could ever imagine. I will never give up God doesn’t give up on us and I have failed many times in my life ! Yes Christa keep bragging because it keeps our hope alive. Love you


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